Vote Stanek for Sheriff

Rich Stanek has been a police officer for 30 years, and he’s been the same as long as we’ve known him, a caring, compassionate street cop who delivers good service to people. In 2001, Lieutenant Rich Stanek was a SWAT Team negotiator talking to a man intending to jump from a parking ramp. When he jumped, Rich instinctively grabbed him and saved his life … at his own peril.  Rich suffered severe back injuries, and has never fully recovered.  He earned several Commendations for Meritorious Service.

He’s never forgotten where he came from.  He always thinks about the front-line cops and the front-line customers.    

Rich has been a trusted and respected leader, in every position he has ever held, which is different than being well-liked.  It’s what makes him a great Sheriff:  he was elected to make tough decisions and to deliver the hard news.  He is a Sheriff with a big message about public safety, and he delivers every single day to help save lives: attacking heroin abuse, combating violent extremism, cautioning boat safety, educating about human trafficking, speaking bluntly about untreated mental illness.  He has never shied away from taking on these issues, and has elevated them to our national public safety conversation – raising our concerns and interests directly with the President, Attorney General and Congress.          

Whether he was serving as a cop, legislator, sheriff, or simply as a human being, I’ve seen him do the right thing for the right reasons…and he’s consistent.  He will listen, exchange viewpoints, and sometimes we disagree, but when I leave the room I always know where I stand with him.   So now, the Minneapolis Police Officers Federation stands with Rich Stanek for Hennepin County Sheriff; our decision was unanimous. 

John Delmonico
President, Minneapolis Police Officers Federation

Vote Stanek for Sheriff

As a 25 year Sergeant with the Minneapolis Police Department, I have a great deal at stake in the future of public safety in Hennepin County.  That being said, I strongly believe there is no one more capable or better prepared to serve as our Hennepin County Sheriff than Rich Stanek. 

I worked with Sheriff Stanek when I was assigned to the Minneapolis Police Department–Homicide Unit.  Sheriff Stanek was the Division Commander, overseeing all aspects of the Criminal Investigations Division.  Under Sheriff Stanek’s command, the MPD Homicide Unit consistently maintained the highest solve rates in recent MPD history.

With Sheriff Stanek’s tireless work ethic, he provided investigators with the resources and support to be successful with complex and challenging investigations.  Sheriff Stanek would routinely advocate for the rights of victims, witnesses and their families; determined to ensure that they would be treated with dignity and respect. 

In 2005, Sheriff Stanek demonstrated his leadership and innovation when he created the Violent Offender Task Force (VOTF); what is now a model for inter-agency collaboration and information sharing.  I was fortunate to have worked for Sheriff Stanek during the infant stages of VOTF, and again while recently assigned as a Minneapolis Police Department liaison to the current Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office–Violent Offender Task Force.  I was able to see that Sheriff Stanek had turned an amazing idea into a nationally recognized group of focused, state of the art crime fighters.

Sheriff Stanek’s vision has proven that effective partnerships can be cost-effective, while focusing resources on the most dangerous and violent groups and individuals in Hennepin County.  This is one of the reasons why violent crime is down in Hennepin County by 36 percent under Sheriff Stanek.

I’m proud to have worked with Sheriff Stanek in this innovative approach to fighting crime.  I ask you for your vote on Nov. 4, to re-elect Rich Stanek for Hennepin County Sheriff.

Patrick King