Vote Bridget Sullivan for Hennepin County Judge

As early voting has begun in Hennepin County, I am writing in support of “the people’s choice”: Bridget Ann Sullivan for Hennepin County Judge in 4th District Court 43 (

With nearly 20 years experience as an attorney, and as a tireless champion of all minority rights, Bridget’s combination of intellectual intelligence about the law and an emotional intelligence steeped in humility and tolerance will help guide her in careful and conscientious deliberation on the bench. What this suggests is that Bridget is the most qualified candidate to work on behalf of all Hennepin County’s diverse and vibrant communities. Moreover, I believe that Bridget Sullivan is not only the best choice for 43 — she is the right choice. Please join me in voting Sullivan for 43 today!

Rebecca Bachman
Linden Hills