Is Trade Edge AI a Scam? A Review by an Experienced Trader!

Trade Edge AI is a viral crypto investing system launched early this year. The platform has gone viral in investment circles due to its amazing performance track record.

The reviews we have read indicate that it’s helping many investors hit their crypto investing goals. It is said to do so through its powerful AI-driven tools and quality trading courses.

We have put Trade Edge AI under scrutiny to find out if it’s a scam or a genuine investment platform. Learn about this trading program in our in-depth investigative report.

Type of trading platform AI-driven crypto trading
Minimum investment USD 250
Potential returns Unspecified
Availability Global
Minimum investment $250
Tradable instruments Crypto CFDs
Customer support 24/7
Safety Military-grade data encryption


What is Trade Edge AI?

Trader Edge Ai main.

Trade Edge AI touts itself as the key to crypto investment success. It also claims to help many newbies ride crypto booms profitably.

Some reviews claim that it’s the crypto trading system with the highest potential this year. This platform alleges using a powerful AI algorithm to screen the crypto markets for trading opportunities.

The AI algorithms are reportedly capable of implementing price trend study and news analysis. These two techniques are known to deliver amazing results in crypto volatility speculation.

Trade Edge AI calls itself the most user-friendly crypto trading system. Anyone can use its beginner-friendly version to speculate on crypto. Its expert version is only recommended for experienced traders.

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Trade Edge AI App and Platforms

You can use this software through its web trader, desktop app, or mobile app. The web trader is built for any browser even though the experts advise against using the less popular browsers for safety reasons.

Trade Edge AI desktop app is also a great choice. The app offers all the features of the web trader but at extremely high speeds. You can watch the high-speed trading through the desktop app dashboard.

The Trade Edge AI app for smartphones is also said to be quite fast. You can use it on Android, iOS, and Windows phones. The reviewers allege that it’s lightweight and can be used on most smartphones.

Tradable Instruments

Trade Edge AI is a crypto trading program. The software is reportedly built to trade spot crypto, crypto CFDs, crypto futures, crypto options, crypto forwards, and other forms of derivatives.

Its partnership with many brokers allegedly allows it to access thousands of crypto pairs. The number of tradable instruments accessible by an individual user depends on the assigned broker.

You don’t have to understand the lingo behind crypto derivatives trading to use the trading software. This platform claims to offer beginner and expert versions. The beginner trader version is the best choice if you don’t have any trading experience.

Trade Edge AI features

We rank this platform number one in our top ten best crypto trading platforms this year.

This platform has many great features which makes it stand out against all competitors. We have discussed the main Trade Edge AI features below.

News-driven trading research

The markets are moved by the news. Any piece of related information triggers investors to either buy or sell an asset.

Trade Edge AI alleges using a Natural Language Processing (NLP) driven algorithm to predict how the news impacts price swings. The software places bets based on these predictions.

The platform alleges that its NLP algorithms derive most insights from social media sentiments. We didn’t find a way to verify if these claims are true.

Price-trend-driven trading research

Price patterns can also be used to predict price behaviour according to the experts. Asset price patterns tend to repeat in similar market conditions.

Platform uses its powerful algorithms to analyse historical price behaviour and determine future price patterns. It reportedly implements this technique more accurately than most expert traders.

This reportedly ensures increased profitability in all markets. Please note that the profitability claims are unverified. Crypto investing involves significant risk due to the unpredictability of the crypto markets.

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AI-driven risk management

Risk management is an important component of any effective trading strategy. This platform offers an AI-driven approach to risk management. AI ensures that big data is studied to make risk management decisions.

The decisions are on autopilot and are instantly executed in the newbie-friendly version of the trading app. Traders who opt for the expert trader version are allowed to select the risk management strategies to apply to their accounts.

Trade Edge AI for beginners

This platform has some amazing features geared towards making trading easy for the complete beginner.

The platform is available in both beginner and expert trader versions. Newbies are encouraged to trade with the beginner version. Most of the features in the beginner trader version are self-explanatory.

But even so, users must go through the tutorials and demos before proceeding to live trading. The tutorials explain all the settings and offer tips to help users avoid common trading mistakes.

Trade Edge AI reviews on Trustpilot confirm that this is the most newbie-friendly trading system in the market. Some users claim to run live tests on the platform and to find the beginner trader version more accurate.

Trade Edge AI for Expert Traders

For traders who prefer controlling the trading process, the expert trader version is the best bet.

This version is recommended for intermediate and experienced users only. You need some trading experience to sort through the trades and identify those with the highest promise.

Users who choose the expert version must watch the tutorials carefully to get all the settings right. Failure to set the expert version correctly is likely to lead to devastating losses.

Getting started with Trade Edge AI

Investing in crypto via Trade Edge AI is easy. The platform is allegedly on a mission to make profitable crypto trading accessible for all.

It allegedly comes in beginner and expert trader versions. The beginner trader version is the most popular. Newbies report that it’s quite easy to use. 

Some reviewers also claim that the beginner trader version performs better than the expert trader version. We couldn’t verify whether this is true since we didn’t run live tests on the platform.

The expert trader version is built for intermediate or experienced traders. This option is for traders who prefer controlling the trades executed in their accounts.

You can try the platform for free by following the simple steps explained below. Please note that crypto investing is generally risky due to the high volatility associated with digital currencies.

Register an account with Trade Edge AI

Trader Edge Ai learn more.

Signup happens on the official Trade Edge AI website. Users must countercheck the registration URL before signing up.

This is because there are reports that some sites are masquerading as the official Trade Edge AI site and misleading investors. The only way to avoid these fake sites is to visit this platform via links shared on authoritative publications such as this one.

The platform protects user data via Comodo SSL encryption. The platform also uses state-of-the-art encryption for its servers.

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Verify the account via the assigned broker

This software works under a broker. New applicants are assigned to this broker upon finishing the registration.

The broker requires all users to upload verification documents to prove their identities. Users can deposit funds and trade on unverified accounts but only a verified user can access the withdrawal page.

Most applicants report that their accounts were verified within minutes. However, you may have to wait for up to an hour.

Fund the account with a minimum of $250

Funding your Trade Edge AI account via the assigned broker is a breeze. You need to select a payment method from the broker’s list and specify the amount to invest.

The minimum investment is USD 250. Many users report that the financial broker facilitating the funding doesn’t charge any fees. Also, it takes less than a second for a deposit to reflect in the trader’s account.

Watch the tutorials and trade demo

The tutorials explain the settings for both the beginner and expert versions. Watch all the tutorials for the selected version to avoid mistakes during live trading. Ensure that you test all the trades generated by the system on the demo before executing them in the live account.

Adjust the settings and go live

Navigate to the live settings page and adjust all the settings as per the tutorials. Please note that the settings should be dictated by the risk appetite test taken in the previous step.

Proceed to the live trading dashboard after adjusting the settings. Click the “GO LIVE” button to begin the trading session.

Trader Edge Ai chart.

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Trade Edge AI website security

This platform is well-invested in user safety. The official Trade Edge AI is protected by the state-of-the-art Comodo SSL certificate.

Website encryption is extremely important since most cyberattacks begin with compromised websites. The Comodo SSL cert is the best for website encryption. This platform also secures user data at the server level via Amazon S3 encryption.

You can learn more about their safety measures by reading their data privacy policy. The policy reportedly aligns the platform with data protection laws in 60+ countries.

Trade Edge AI Review – final word!

We didn’t find anything suspicious about this platform in our intensive background checks. This platform is most probably a legit crypto trading system.

The legitimacy is evident through the feedback shared by many verified users. We have analyzed a ton of Trade Edge AI reviews using our powerful sentiment analysis tool. The analysis reveals that over 90% of its users generate positive results.

We didn’t find any profitability claims on the official Trade Edge AI website. The outrageous profitability claims made by some reviewers are therefore not confirmed by the platform.

The platform’s investment in customer service also reveals that it’s likely legit. We found their support agents to be easily reachable, friendly, and well-informed. They can be reached via a chat feature on their website and social media pages. Users can also call them or request a callback. They can also write to them via email but it may take a couple of hours to receive a reply.

Trade Edge AI is now available globally in 60+ countries. Check if their website is available in your country through the link below.


Is Trade Edge AI a scam crypto platform?

Expert tests show that this platform is legit. The legitimacy is evident in the transparency it has taken. Moreover, user feedback confirms that it’s a good investment platform.

Can a newbie use Trade Edge AI?

The platform ranks top in the list of beginner-friendly trading platforms in the market today. Newbies claim that the program is easy to navigate through after the tutorials and demo trading.

Does the Trade Edge AI app work on Android smartphones?

This app is available in Android, IOS, and Windows versions. The Android version is lightweight and therefore compatible with most devices.

How much does Trade Edge AI cost?

This platform is a license-free trading software. A trading commission is reportedly applicable but only when the user is profitable. This is great since competing platforms charge commissions on top of license fees.

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