Time for bold new city leadership

Living in Northeast Minneapolis for over 15 years, we have grown to love this pocket of the city. We enjoy easy access to parks, a beautifully maintained riverfront and a fun mix of breweries, restaurants and small businesses all within walking distance. We’ve worked to build community through serving in leadership roles on neighborhood and farmers market boards. We’ve seen the collective impact of individuals joining together. We are deeply invested in this city.

Yet, for all the ways Minneapolis is green, bike-able and up-and-coming, it also continues to hold an egregious track record of racial inequity by almost every standard.

We, as residents of Minneapolis, must ask ourselves: Are we OK with this?

Our answer is no and that it’s time for bold new city leadership. We see Dr. Nekima Levy-Pounds as the person with the courage, vision and track record of change-making to shift the status quo from the mayoral seat.

Some may have only heard of or seen Nekima through her work as an activist. While she does bring a tireless voice to the justice front, she also brings an incredibly impressive professional background. A seasoned educator, Nekima spent 13 years as a law professor with the University of St. Thomas, and she is an accomplished executive from her time as the NAACP chapter president for Minneapolis and in various other leadership and board positions.

Bringing the unwavering stance of equity and justice to all areas within the mayor’s jurisdiction, Nekima would be the mayor to collaboratively craft policy and changes for the city that uplift and support us all — but particularly those in our community who have been historically and continue to be underrepresented.

The Minneapolis that we want to live in creates the necessary changes, opportunities and spaces for all members of our community to thrive. Dr. Nekima Levy-Pounds is the one we trust to do these things for our city, and we ask that you select her as your first-choice on Nov. 7.

Katie and Pete Gamades

Saint Anthony West


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