The Journal to cease publication in December

Updated: January 29, 2019 – 8:55 am

Publishers of The Journal newspaper, formerly The Downtown Journal and The Skyway News, have announced today their intentions to cease publication of the newspaper after a final December 13, 2018 issue.

The Journal covers local business and development news, city government, schools and parks, along with arts and events, and was purchased by Minnesota Premier Publications in 2001. The publication is distributed free of charge at racks through downtown in both residences and businesses.

Minnesota Premier Publications (MPP) will continue publication of three remaining titles — The Southwest Journal, Minnesota Parent magazine, and Minnesota Good Age magazine — from their offices located on Hennepin Avenue in Downtown Minneapolis. No layoffs will accompany the closure.

The family-owned and operated business cites waning advertising revenue in the Downtown market and changing demographics, coupled with a desire to refocus their resources on The Southwest Journal, which has successfully served readers and advertisers in the city’s Southwest neighborhoods since 1990, and the two award-winning magazine titles that enjoy engaged audiences and healthy advertising support.

For MPP’s fifteen full-time staff members — including reporters, designers, distribution, sales and administrative positions — work will continue on the remaining titles, accompanied by a renewed focus on providing high-quality, reliable news coverage, paired with top-notch customer service for readers and advertisers. Learn more about the mission of Minnesota Premier Publications at