Resilience survey open to public


The City of Minneapolis is inviting residents and workers to take a resilience survey between now and Jan. 19.

The survey asks people who live and work in the city to identify what stresses, such as affordable housing, and what shocks, such as a tornado, they’re most concerned about. The survey part of the city’s efforts to develop a “resilience strategy” to combat challenges such as structural inequality and climate change.

Kate Knuth, the city’s chief resilience officer, said over 1,500 people had responded to the survey as of Jan. 5.

Knuth, who’s leading the city’s development of the resilience strategy, said the city is currently in the “resilience scan” phase of the process. She’s working to get a handle on the state of resilience in Minneapolis, researching practices, engaging with community members and analyzing data.

“The survey is a way to interact with a much larger group of people,” she said.

The city plans on releasing a preliminary resilience assessment in the first quarter of 2018. The next phase will be a more in-depth study and assessment of resilience-building options for Minneapolis.

The city’s work to develop a resilience strategy is funded by 100 Resilient Cities, a nonprofit that’s financially supported by The Rockefeller Foundation.

Visit to learn more about the city’s resilience work and to take the survey.