Police should carry insurance

Minneapolis residents can vote for better police! The Minneapolis Police Insurance Amendment is on this November’s ballot. It requires that police carry professional liability insurance, like plumbers and nurses. If they are sued or have complaints filed against them, their rates go up because the insurance company will see them as a higher risk.

This amendment will save lives and prevent injuries. Police decide whether or not to use force every day.  For example, my Southside neighbor’s entire family was forced to the pavement by police pointing guns because their son used a BB gun in their yard. 

Right now, the taxpayers pay damages for victims of excessive force. Under the amendment, each officer will pay increased premiums or lose their insurance and their jobs if they are sued too often. Police will have an incentive to decide to de-escalate conflicts.

De-escalation protects the lives and health of both citizens and fellow officers.  We owe it to them to pass the Minneapolis Police Insurance Amendment!

Dave White 

  • Buster

    Long overdue.