Credit: File photo

Minne the Lake Creature makes early exit from Lake Calhoun

Minne the Lake Creature took an early exit from Lake Calhoun Wednesday after too much attention from the sculpture’s fans.

The Minneapolis Parks Foundation removed Minne from the lake after several admirers climbed the 13-foot creature despite plans to keep it there until September. Minne made Lake Calhoun its home in June after a fan vote earlier this year

“Lake Calhoun embraced Minne the Lake Creature like no other lake – a bit too literally, at times,” said Tom Evers, the foundation’s executive director, in a statement. “We want people to engage with Minne from a safe distance because it’s a sculpture, not a climbing structure. It’s better for both Minne and Minneapolitans.”

Evers noted that as many as three people at a time were witnessed climbing on the Lake Creature this summer. Regulations prevent the foundation from posting “no climbing” signs on or near Minne.

The foundation plans to inspect and repair Minne. Since 2009, the foundation, an independent nonprofit that philanthropically supports the city’s park system, has installed the sculpture in lakes around Minneapolis. Minne has both Twitter and Facebook accounts, garnering nearly 5,000 combined followers.