Credit: BKV Group

Developers propose 18-story downtown high-rise

Updated: March 6, 2015 - 11:06 am

St. Paul-based Pratt Ordway Properties submitted plans Thursday to build an 18-story, 293-unit residential development at 10th and Marquette.

Two buildings at 1004 and 1016 Marquette Ave. S. on the site would be demolished as part of the plans, while the 108-year-old HandiCraft Guild building at 89 S.10th St., a locally designated historic landmark, would be repurposed into a restaurant and residential amenity space.

The remainder of the downtown site would be a new residential building on the southwest corner of 10th Street and Marquette Avenue. It would consist of 18 dwelling units per floor on 16 floors, in addition to a small portion of retail space and five two-story “maisonette” units on the ground floor. The top floor would have an outdoor roof terrace and “sky club” for tenants.

“In keeping with the spirit of the guild industry, the building takes on a modern artisan approach to the qualities of a crafted design and structure, continuing the legacy of the original Guild building built decades ago. The project represents a seamless integration between structure, function, materials and aesthetics to create an architecture grounded in the craft of making and current technologies,” the developers wrote in the project description. 

The development team also includes Minneapolis-based architectural firm BKV Group.

A three-story glass link would connect the two buildings. The area between the buildings would be used for an outdoor amenity space that would include a firepit, a water feature and landscaping. The development would include 12 parking spaces.

The Minneapolis Planning Commission’s Committee of the Whole is slated to discuss the plans Feb. 26.  The plans would require multiple variances. 

Depending on the modifications to the Handicraft Guild building, a review by the Heritage Preservation Commission may be required.