All Systems Go owners Anders Lundberg and Liz Olson. Submitted photo

Game store to open in Sheridan

Updated: August 9, 2018 - 3:02 pm

Liz Olson and Anders Lundberg are turning a passion for all things related to gaming into a brick-and-mortar business in Sheridan.

All Systems Go will be a nearly 1,300-square-foot center for a vast array of games and media, from strategy board games to new and retro video games.

It’s a spinoff of Lundberg’s All Systems Go Games, an eBay-based market he’s developed over the years with thousands of new and used pieces of niche merchandise. Think VHS tapes of retro cartoons or old CDs in their original packaging — even highly specialized DVDs for learning how to raise donkeys.

“Going thrift store shopping with him is really intimidating. He’s like a machine. He just knows what he’s doing,” said Olson, who will manage the store full time. “It’s so insane what this guy can find.”

The inventory of the shop will be quite a bit more mainstream. In addition to some of these retro finds, All Systems Go will carry new and used board games, video games, cards, consoles, figurines and more.

Olson envisions having an area dedicated for interactive gaming and tournaments so customers can sit down and play “Mario Kart,” or another game on the shelves, right there in the store. In today’s gaming culture full of online multiplayer games, the two said they’d like to see people playing together in person.

“I just think that that’s so lost lately, that people don’t do that anymore,” she said.

All Systems Go will have board games available to rent for a day, so customers will be able to check out a game before buying it and take it home or to the nearby Dangerous Man Brewing Co. where Lundberg works. In keeping with the spirit of the eBay store, the brick-and-mortar shop will buy or trade used games and merchandise.

The store replaces Ann Meyers’ Gumball Boutique, a shop that was filled with local art, vintage clothing and Northeast-themed gifts. Meyers said in an email that she’s decided to focus on producing apparel that she makes from vintage T-shirts. Meyers now works out of a studio not far away near Lowry & 2nd.

Olson and Lundberg are building out the space and plan to open All Systems Go this September at 158 13th Ave. NE along the neighborhood’s popular 13th Avenue Business District. They are posting updates on their Facebook page at