Photo courtesy of the Grumpy's Facebook page

Downtown’s Grumpy’s will close this fall

Updated: June 29, 2018 - 11:25 am

Grumpy’s Bar & Grill announced Tuesday that it will close its downtown bar this fall after two decades in business.

A development proposal recently surfaced that would replace the longstanding bar at Washington & 11th with apartments and an art gallery. An exact closing date has yet to be announced.

Regardless of the redevelopment, Grumpy’s said in an announcement that on top of demographic shifts downtown, competition from food trucks, rising property taxes and a building in disrepair that the bar was facing declining sales.

“We appreciate the hell out of 20 years of support from the area and we would have gladly stuck around for 20 more, but to be blunt, the way tastes are changing downtown we would have maybe made it a couple more years by the skin of our teeth,” the bar said on its Facebook page.

Grumpy’s noted that it is working with another party to create an Ox Op gallery at the new building. TE Miller Development and Solhem Cos. recently submitted a preliminary proposal to the City Planning Commission Committee of the Whole for a seven-story apartment building, which would include 1,400 square feet of space for the gallery.

Two other Grumpy’s locations, one in Northeast Minneapolis at 22nd & 4th and another in Roseville, will continue to operate. Grumpy’s noted that some of the downtown location’s staff will transfer to the other bars.

“The spirit carries on at Grumpy’s NE, and this move gives us the resources to bolster that location; and Grumpy’s Roseville carries on the finest lowbrow comfort-food torch and then some,” the announcement said. “It’s been a great run, and to all of you who supported us, we can’t thank you enough. We are humbled.”