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Travail chef’s Minnesota BBQ Co. is coming to Northeast this summer

Updated: July 2, 2018 - 11:59 am

Travail chef Kale Thome plans to open takeout joint this August

There is an opening in sight for Minnesota BBQ Company, the barbecue operation from Travail Kitchen & Amusements’ Kale Thome.

Travail recently announced that the takeout barbecue joint is slated to open this August inside a small, one-story building 816 Lowry Ave. NE, just a block-and-a-half west of Lowry & Central.

With its brick-and-mortar location near the heart of Northeast’s brewery scene, the 750-square-foot takeout restaurant will deliver to nearby breweries.

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exteriod renderingJoy Martin Architecture is designing Minnesota BBQ Co. Thome and Travail chefs James Winberg, Mike Brown, and Bob Gerken are finishing the buildout and are outfitting the space with a custom-designed smoker. Concepts of the restaurant show the possibility of some exterior seating.

Thome, the concept’s executive chef and co-owner, is taking a regional approach to barbecue with influences from Minnesota products and culture, according to a release.

“I joke that fresh barbecue is like crack, but truly if you’ve ever had fresh barbecue that is off the smoker and rested — oh, my God, it’s like nothing else,” he said in a statement.

Rock the Garden 2017Minnesota BBQ Co. isn’t the only thing the Travail team is working on. The Robbinsdale-based restaurant is planning to move down the street and relocate its Pig Ate My Pizza restaurant in its place. A chef-driven microbrewery will join the pizza shop at 4124 W. Broadway Ave.

Travail has unveiled a membership program with perks like discounted party tickets and free food from Minnesota BBQ Co. at

Co-owner Kale Thome of Minnesota BBQ Co. Submitted photo
Co-owner Kale Thome of Minnesota BBQ Co. Submitted photo