Photo by Eric Best

Espresso Royale closes Twin Cities cafes

Espresso Royale has closed its three cafes in the Twin Cities, including its popular Dinkytown location that served University of Minnesota students for the past three decades.

The three shops, including one downtown near the Minneapolis Community and Technical College, closed Dec. 21. The other was located nearby St. Paul’s St. Catherine University.

Espresso Royale operates 16 other cafes largely near Big Ten campuses in Wisconsin, Michigan and Illinois.

Sarah Horneman, the company’s regional manager of operations for the Wisconsin and Minnesota locations, said the coffee industry has grown competitive in its three Twin Cities communities.

“Unfortunately, over the years that we’ve been there, the coffee business has become extremely competitive and the costs to operate in Minnesota have become prohibitive for small neighborhood-oriented businesses like ours. We have a great appreciation for our customers and our staff and we wish them all the best,” she said in a statement.

For fans of Espresso Royale coffee, the company still offers its beans online at