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Brow microblading studio opens in the North Loop

Similar to tattooing, procedure offers long-term brow treatment

The North Loop is now home to one of the state’s only studios that specializes in microblading, a unique long-term treatment for eyebrows.

Highbrow Studio owner Ally Horarik started the business after finding herself in a situation like many of her clients who have heard about the procedure online or from friends. The Columbia Heights resident couldn’t find anyone locally to do it at the time and was prepared to travel to Canada just to get it done. When even that didn’t work out Horarik decided to do it herself, and opened what she said is the only microblading studio in the state.

“If I’m willing to go to Canada then I know other people are willing to get it done as well,” she said.

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Microblading involves a trained practitioner using a manual tool with needles and pigment to draw in strokes that mimic hair. Though it’s similar to tattooing, the effects of microblading only last one to three years because they don’t penetrate the skin as much as a traditional tattoo and use a different pigment. As a result, pain from the “really dainty” procedure, Horarik said, isn’t as intense.

“It’s great for women and men who don’t want to fill in their brows or spend the money to get them tinted. They can go and not think about it for a while,” she said.

Legally, the procedure is treated like tattooing, so Horarik apprenticed out of a tattoo parlor and her business is licensed as a tattoo shop. But the environment at Highbrow, Horarik said, is more “private, relaxing [and] high-end.”

Highbrow clients come in for two appointments. First, they discuss with Horarik what they want and she performs the procedure in about 40 minutes. A second appointment nearly two months afterward allows Horarik to touch up her work. The entire process costs $500.

“It is an art, and every artist has their own technique,” she said.

Highbrow opened earlier this year at 701 N. 3rd St. in the North Loop neighborhood. The studio is open daily by appointment only. Highbrow takes appointments online at

Highbrow's building in the North Loop. Image courtesy Google Maps
Highbrow’s building in the North Loop. Image courtesy Google Maps
  • Josh

    Christina with Le Visage started a microblading ONLY studio in the Twin Cities area in 2016 after being licensed and practicing in FL. She is licensed in MN and performs her magic in Maple Grove. I believe she was the first microblading ONLY studio in MN, and she is certainly one of the best artists in the country. Any time you are going to have a procedure like this performed on your face make sure to check out ALL the artist’s work 🙂