Street barricades, "road closed" signs, sculptures and other pieces are part of Russ White's "Situation Normal," the first official exhibition at Truckstop Gallery. Submitted photo

Art gallery to open on Nicollet Island

Updated: March 7, 2017 - 4:08 pm

A new space for unique art is opening in the middle of the Mississippi

A group of Northeast Minneapolis-based artists is opening an art gallery in the middle of Nicollet Island.

Jed Staack, Joe Limpert, Peter Geyen and Jason Kittel are the co-founders behind Truckstop Gallery, a nearly 1,000-square-foot gallery that they envision hosting an eclectic mix of art and artists. The space is located inside the Nicollet Island building, a former maintenance stop for municipal trucks that sits behind DeLaSalle High School.

“We really want to open it up to Minneapolis artists who are going nuts in new, different kinds of [styles],” said Geyen.

While there are plenty of galleries in Minneapolis, the four said, they plan to make their artist-driven space open to work that may not be able to be shown in other galleries. They’re open to building out and tailoring the space for installations and other pieces, they added. The unique industrial space, with its high ceilings and outdoor area, is a viable home for equally unique exhibitions.

“We’re not so much trying to start a gallery to make money. We just recognize that we have a unique space and a unique location that we feel that we should share,” Limpert said.

They expect to host an exhibition every two or three months. The four will all also have their own shows at Truckstop.

“It’s not the same atmosphere you get elsewhere. It’s not snooty at all or highbrow… It’s serious, but laid back,” Kittel said.

Truckstop will host its inaugural exhibition with the opening of “Situation Normal,” a body of large-scale colored pencil drawings, sculptures, homemade flags and portraits from Northeast Minneapolis-based artist Russ White.

Instead of open gallery hours, Truckstop, located at 20 Grove St. #72, will be open during events and by appointment. “Situation Normal” will have an opening reception on Saturday, March 4 from 6 p.m.–10 p.m., an artist talk on March 11 at 4 p.m. and a closing reception on Sunday, March 19 from noon–5 p.m.