Credit: Photo courtesy of Cotton & Whim

Mobile candy cart Cotton & Whim brings fresh flavors to cotton candy

Updated: March 29, 2016 - 3:52 pm

Two locals are spinning fresh takes of a tried-and-true treat: cotton candy.

Chelcy Walker and Nicole Palser have recently launched Cotton & Whim, a mobile cotton candy cart and catering service. The two are doing the fair treat differently with flavors like vanilla pear, honey rose, raspberry almond and — their personal favorite — coconut, rather than the traditional, usually singular option.

“We also wanted to experiment with different flavors of cotton candy because you kind of just get one option when you go to the fair. We’re always developing new options,” Walker said.

Cotton & Whim is a side job for the two, who come from event planning backgrounds, and so far they’ve served their reinvented desserts at launch parties, business openings and kids events. They also want to do more weddings because the treat makes for a good cocktail hour snack.

Walker said they got into making cotton candy because, from their event planning point of view, it’s a total package of novelty and spectacle.

“It’s a little whimsical, it’s kind of creative and it makes for a great photo,” Walker said.

Cotton & Whim uses Corner Coffee in the North Loop as a home base. That’s where the two produce the natural flavors and organic sugars they pour into their commercial-grade cotton candy machine, which spins out the airy candy via its 450-degree cooker. 

With its catering license, Cotton & Whim won’t be popping up at farmers markets, but the mobile cart is available for private events.


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