Senate candidate reveals her sordid past

Updated: April 26, 2007 - 1:54 pm

New U.S. Senate candidate Amy Klobuchar has a skeleton in her closet - and she's bragging about it.

At her April 18 campaign kickoff, Klobuchar was recounting her toughness as Hennepin County Attorney, noting that she resisted the pleas of bigwigs for leniency when prosecuting Minnesota Appeals Court Judge Roland Amundson.

"Even a former Miss America testified, but that didn't bother me," noted Klobuchar. "Hey, I was Ms. Skyway News of March 1988."

I this case, the politician tells the truth. According to our records, Amy Klobuchar ascended to the lofty title of Ms. Skyway, on March 17, 1988, reigning for a week until a new winner was awarded the newsprint tiara.

Klobuchar - who had just published a book titled "Uncovering the Dome," about the legislative wrangling over the Metrodome - was then a trial lawyer at Dorsey & Whitney whose "eyes get really sparkly when she tells tales of her cycling trips around the United States with her father," wrote then-Star Tribune columnist Jim Klobuchar.

Back then, well before she had to worry about campaign finance restrictions, Klobuchar was awarded dinner for two at Murray's, hair styling at "i view by Billy," a month's worth of Jazzercise and a full-service car wash.

Ms. Skyway, a feature of this newspaper for 20 years, was discontinued in the early '90s.