Immediate Xtrade AI Review – Is it a Reliable Bitcoin Trading Platform?

Immediate Xtrade AI has taken crypto investing by storm with thousands of investors praising it for its high success rate.

The crypto investing platform boasts using Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools to deliver great returns for investors.

Its tools allegedly enable inexperienced traders to build and execute strategies easily. The strategies generated and executed via its tools reportedly have a high win rate.

But is this platform a scam or an authentic crypto investing platform? We have gone the extra mile in our investigation and shared the findings in this unbiased Immediate Xtrade AI review.

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What is Immediate Xtrade AI?

New technologies are taking over investing at breathtaking speeds. The best investing technologies today are powered by AI.

AI is always at the core of any data-driven decision. Accurate and fast big data analysis is the key to successful investment decision-making. Immediate Xtrade AI is reportedly one of the most advanced AI-driven investment research platforms.

The platform equips crypto investors with powerful research and risk management tools. Its investment research tools allow traders to analyse the bull and bear markets for insights.

The insights derived in the bullish crypto markets allow the investor to ride crypto booms successfully. On the other hand, those derived from the bear markets ensure profitable short-selling.

Immediate Xtrade AI also alleges that it makes arbitrage trading easy. In crypto arbitrage trading, the investor buys crypto in low-priced markets and sells it in high-priced markets. The price differences are very small and hence the trader must place many trades to generate considerable returns.

How does Immediate Xtrade AI work?

Immediate Xtrade AI offers a horde of AI-driven trading tools to boost the trading outcome. The tools also ensure an easy and fun trading experience for the beginner trader.

Most of the trading tools under this platform are owned by third parties. The platform reportedly enters into partnership with third-party tools providers to offer their premium tools for free.

As stated earlier, the tools are AI-based and help the user implement data-driven trading research. Users can use the research tools to build trades out of price trends and news analysis.

Price trend analysis generates tradable insights from historical price patterns. The technique capitalises on the cyclical nature of asset prices. On the other hand, news trading capitalises on the impact of a piece of news on crypto prices.

Immediate Xtrade AI research tools allegedly use some sophisticated Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to scrutinise the news for insights. The platform enables the user to translate the insights into news and trade them in the best market liquidity.

As we will see in the review, all the trades built through this platform are executed in quality liquidity. This liquidity ensures instant order placing hence avoiding the losses resulting from negative slippage.

Immediate Xtrade AI

Tradable Instruments

This platform is built for crypto speculation. We have used the terms investing and trading interchangeably in this review but they do not always mean the same.

Crypto investing mostly refers to the buying of a crypto asset and holding it for the long term to generate capital gains. On the other hand, trading involves placing bets on short-term crypto asset movements.

In trading, the investor can earn from short-term price gains or declines. The short-selling technique ensures profitability in falling prices. this innovative platform offers tools and resources for crypto trading.

The platform supports crypto speculation via CFDs and other derivatives. All the tradable instruments are provided under reputable and regulated brokers. These brokers reportedly offer up to 1000 crypto CFD pairs.

Trading platforms

Immediate Xtrade AI app allows users to bet on the volatility of their favorite digital assets while on the go.

The mobile app is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones. The reviewers find it lightweight and device-friendly. The app is also secure and operates under stringent data privacy regulations.

Traders must complete the registration to access the Immediate Xtrade AI app download links. Unfortunately, the apps aren’t published on Google Play Store or App Store. This platform also comes with a desktop app that is only accessible on their site.

The platform is also available on the web with its web-trader working quite well on most browsers. Expert reviewers advise traders to only use secure browsers such as Chrome, Brave, Mozilla, and Safari.

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Partner brokers

Traders are assigned to a broker upon registering on the official Immediate Xtrade AI website. The platform claims partnerships with tens of crypto brokers to ensure global access. Every new user is linked to a crypto broker authorised to operate in their country.

The broker offers the liquidity to execute the signals built through the tools under the platform. Moreover, they handle all the trading-related financial transactions. The brokers are reportedly low priced with highly competitive spreads starting from as low as zero pips.

They also do not charge any non-trading fees. Unconfirmed reports indicate that the broker collects a 2% commission per profitable trade and passes it to the tools provider. Traders can only use Immediate Xtrade AI via a broker assigned from the platform.

Is Immediate Xtrade AI good for beginners?

Immediate Xtrade AI uses sophisticated technologies to make trading easy. Its AI tools ensure quality trading research.

Moreover, the tools reduce crypto trading research complexity by 80%. This makes it extremely easy for the beginner to trade. An analysis of the platform’s reviews shows that many of its users didn’t have prior trading experience.

Many users also find the risk management tools to be easy to use. Moreover, they are quite accurate compared to the traditional ones. This is great since risk management is the cornerstone of successful investing.

The reviewers also report great satisfaction with the platform’s trading interface. Many users report that it’s fun to trade with this trading platform.

Immediate Xtrade AI Login

Immediate Xtrade AI withdrawal process

We analyse a platform’s social media reviews to establish if it has a straightforward withdrawal process. Withdrawal-related complaints are the first tell-tale signs of a scam investment platform.

Immediate Xtrade AI is a genuine platform if the user feedback is anything to go by. The users report that the withdrawal process is quite seamless. It’s important to note that all transactions are facilitated via the underlying broker.

Nonetheless, it confirms its authenticity by partnering with quality brokers. Most of the underlying brokers allege facilitating withdrawals within a few hours. This is superb since most platforms take up to 48 hours to facilitate withdrawals.

Our investigation shows that the underlying broker ensures a safe withdrawal process. Users are required to complete a rigorous verification process to change their payment method or add a new one.

How to trade with Immediate Xtrade AI

Immediate Xtrade AI has a reputation for making crypto investing easy. This platform is allegedly equipped with tools that enable ordinary people to invest in crypto successfully.

Trade the aggressive bitcoin boom of 2024 with Immediate Xtrade AI in five simple steps as explained below.

Register for free

Registration is free and only takes a couple of minutes. Immediate Xtrade AI will guide you through contact details verification.

You will also be guided on password protection to ensure full account security. A dedicated account manager from an underlying broker will reach out to you after signup.

Verify your account via the broker

Account verification is a global anti-money-laundering requirement for brokers and other financial firms. Verification involves the trader uploading a softcopy of a government-issued identification document with the broker.

The broker compares the personal details on the identification document with those provided during registration.

It may take up to 5 hours for the broker to complete the process. You don’t need to wait since you can complete the next steps on an unverified account.

Fund the broker’s account

The assigned broker requires a minimum investment of $250 and supports multiple deposit options.

You have up to 10 payment options to select from. Funding is free and the trading capital reflects in your account within seconds. The broker claims that it secures users’ billing information via military-grade encryption.

Take the tutorials and demo

This step is extremely important since it guides you on how to apply Immediate Xtrade AI in live trading.

Failure to follow the tutorials carefully could lead to costly mistakes in the next step. Luckily, the tutorials are explained in layman’s terms and hence newbies can master the tricks of trading easily.

The demo is available via the linked broker. Use it to build strategies, translate them into signals, and test them. The demo uses historical price data to simulate live trading.

Set the trading account and go live

The settings are explained in the tutorials provided in the previous step. You need a few minutes to adjust them and go live.

The live trading process involves data analysis for insights, converting the insights into tradable signals and executing them in the live markets. The process is quite easy for those who dedicate adequate time to the tutorials.

Immediate Xtrade AI Trading Platform

Immediate Xtrade AI Review – Final word!

We have scrutinised data from various sources to determine if Immediate Xtrade AI is legit. Our investigation confirms that the platform is authentic and reliable.

Background checks performed by several highly reputable expert reviewers indicate that the platform is transparent. The background checks involved an analysis of the information published on the platform’s website.

According to the reviewers, the information published on the site is not only comprehensive but also accurate. The experts have reportedly put the information under a rigorous fact-checking process.

Another proof of legitimacy is the platform’s quality partnerships. The reviewers report that the third-party tool providers in partnership with Immediate Xtrade AI are quite reputable.

Moreover, the brokers assigned from this platform are reputable and regulated. We couldn’t establish their jurisdictions of regulations but some reviewers claim that all are tier-one regulated.

Signing up on the Immediate Xtrade AI website is free. Any trader can try their luck with the platform but they shouldn’t ignore its risk disclaimer. Crypto trading in general is quite risky even when superior risk management tools are applied.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Immediate Xtrade AI owned by a broker?

The trading platform is not owned by the assigned broker. The platform operates independently and encourages its users to treat the underlying brokers separately. This means that it doesn’t take liability for trading actions performed via these brokers.

Do I pay a registration fee to use Immediate Xtrade AI?

The platform doesn’t charge any signup fees. The required deposit of at least $250 is the trading capital and not the cost of the trading app. The platform claims that it offers some premium third-party tools for free.

How do I log in with Immediate Xtrade AI?

Immediate Xtrade AI requires you to complete a 2-factor authentication process to login into your account. Users can disable the 2-factor model and only log in using their password.

Can I pause my Immediate Xtrade AI?

It allows users to pause or delete their accounts. All you need to pause or close your account is to visit the settings page and follow the “manage account” link. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Pause or Delete account.


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