Immediate Xgen AI Review – Scam or Legit Investment Platform?

New trading technologies are coming up daily as investors continue to embrace tech-driven investments.

Immediate Xgen AI is one of the best-rated and high-tech crypto trading platforms. The platform allegedly uses AI to help its users get the best out of their trading. Its AI tools are said to improve the quality of trades through data-driven trading.

Moreover, some of its tools maximise profitability by reducing trading risk. But is the platform legit? This post presents the facts as revealed by our investigative team.

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Immediate Xgen AI Review Summary

Platform type Investment tools and education provider
Supported investment assets Crypto
Minimum investment $250
Availability Global
Trading platforms Desktop, web, and mobile
Potential profits Unspecified
Customer support 24/7
Hidden fees None

What is Immediate Xgen?

Immediate Xgen allegedly helps crypto speculators to get the best out of their investments.

The platform claims to do so by offering AI-driven tools to improve the accuracy of trading research. Some of its AI-powered tools are also said to help users lower their trading risk by 70%.

Immediate Xgen AI boasts a huge following on social media. Our investigation shows that it’s popular with rookie as well as experienced traders. Top expert reviewers claim that the platform is currently the best choice for beginner traders.

The experienced traders who trade with it enjoy the most advanced crypto volatility research tools. These tools give them an edge over the traders who use traditional trading tools.

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How does Immediate Xgen work?

Immediate Xgen reportedly boosts trading outcomes by enhancing risk management and trading research. Discussed below are its main offerings.

Investment research tools

Trading research involves a study of different types of data to determine the best trades. Immediate Xgen claims that it provides the tools to improve qualitative and quantitative trading research.

The tools under the platform improve the speed of the research process hence ensuring that all trading opportunities are captured.

Risk management tools

There is no good trading plan without a risk management strategy. Risk management should always be a top priority for every investor.

Immediate Xgen AI takes risk management to the next level by offering tools that cut down the trading risk by 70%. The trader can use the tools to filter out emotions in trading and align their risk management strategy with their trading psychology.

Structured trading courses

You don’t need any trading know-how to start applying the basic Immediate Xgen AI tools in live trading. However, you need to master the basics of trading to use the advanced tools.

The advanced tools reportedly provide the highest money-making potential. The Immediate Xgen tutorials and courses should equip you with these skills.

Game-like user interface

The investing game should be fun. Unfortunately, most of the trading tools out there are quite complicated.

Immediate Xgen claims to solve this problem by offering a game-like trading experience. Some of its users claim that its new trading dashboard is addictive. We didn’t test the new UI so we can’t confirm if the claims are true.

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Is Immediate Xgen a scam?

Immediate Xgen scores quite well in the legitimacy tests conducted by several independent expert reviewers.

All the expert reviewers are satisfied with its transparency efforts. They agree that enough disclosures have been made on the Immediate Xgen website. Moreover, they claim that most of the information on the site is accurate.

However, there are a few unconfirmed claims but users need not worry since the unverified claims don’t make any difference. The expert investigators also report that Immediate Xgen AI is backed by reputable brokers.

This is extremely important since the trading takes place through the assigned brokers. It takes a legitimate platform to secure partnerships with high-quality brokers. Immediate Xgen is also rated well on customer support and user safety.

They claim on their website that they are reachable 24/7. Users can contact them through a live chat feature on their site or call them. Their email system is also active even though not recommended for urgent inquiries. Users can also request callbacks by filling out a form on the Immediate Xgen AI website.

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Did any celebrities endorse Immediate Xgen?

There are rumours on social media linking Immediate Xgen AI with some celebrities. The mentioned celebrities include Kim Kardashian, Jeff Bezos, and Robert Peston. But is it true that Immediate Xgen has received celebrity endorsements? Let’s find out.

Immediate Xgen AI Robert Peston

Robert Peston is a renowned British celebrity Journalist. Some social media publications have linked him to Immediate Xgen AI.

Our research didn’t find any link between this celebrity and the trading platform. The posts claiming so should be treated as fake news. Immediate Xgen AI distances itself from these claims and warns its users against following links shared in these posts.

Immediate Xgen AI Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos is a billionaire entrepreneur and the brains behind Amazon. Bezos has in the past commented about digital currencies.

But did he recommend Immediate Xgen? Our investigative team confirms that rumours claiming so are fake news. Immediate Xgen AI warns its users against following the links included in the fake news.

Immediate Xgen Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is an American socialite, businesswoman, and media personality. She has in the past been an influencer for some viral crypto platforms.

There is a rumour alleging that she has been paid to promote Immediate Xgen. We have fact-checked these claims and they are false. Immediate Xgen doesn’t market itself through promoters.


Why Immediate Xgen AI is popular today

If you are looking to invest in crypto, then this is the best time to get in the game. The crypto industry is gaining fast with top digital currencies such as bitcoin leading the way.

Bitcoin has already bridged the $50,000 mark this week. Analysts are upbeat that it will hit its all-time high of $67000 in the next few weeks. The experts also predict that it will hit $100,000 by the end of this year.

This translates to money-making opportunities for crypto investors. But not everyone can capitalise on the amazing opportunities through the traditional methods.

Immediate Xgen AI introduces an easy and fun way to speculate on crypto. The platform offers a variety of tools to make the trading process easy. Some reviews allege that its tools reduce the crypto investing complexity by 80%.

Most beginners report navigating the markets easily through the Immediate Xgen AI tools. Its trading resources are also quite effective. Moreover, the reviewers report that the trading courses have helped them improve their trading outcomes.

Immediate Xgen AI also provides effective risk management tools. The tools help the trader minimise their risk exposure.

The Pros and Cons of Immediate Xgen AI

Advantages Disadvantages
Boosts trading performance High trading risk
Is available on a free licence Not available in the US
Doesn’t charge hidden fees  
It’s beginner-friendly  
Just USD250 is required to get started  
They offer 24/7 customer support  
Users have a safety guarantee  

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Getting started with Immediate Xgen AI

Immediate Xgen markets itself as the most newbie-friendly crypto trading platform. The platform provides its tools and resources through best-rated crypto brokers.

These tools are aimed at making crypto speculation easy for the ordinary person. As we will see below, the platform helps ordinary people navigate the world of crypto trading in a few simple steps.

STEP ONE: Registration

The signup process begins with filling out a signup form on the official Immediate Xgen AI website.

New applicants must countercheck every detail filled out in the form to avoid problems during verification. The platform requires all applicants to verify their contact details before proceeding.

STEP TWO: Identity verification

The platform with the help of its tools accesses the crypto markets via third-party brokers. A new applicant is matched with one of these brokers upon finishing the signup.

The broker takes them via an ID verification process as required in the global KYC regulations. Everything in this step is self-explanatory.

STEP THREE: Account funding

The funding also happens via the third-party broker. Applicants are required to click the deposit link and select their preferred payment method.

Some of the supported payment methods include wire transfer, Master Card, Visa, Discover, Skrill, and Neteller. The applicant must deposit at least $250 to access the live trading dashboard.

STEP FOUR: Tutorials and demo trading

Immediate Xgen AI provides tens of video tutorials to help its users master its tools and resources.

The new user must watch all the tutorials carefully to be able to use the tools effectively. They must also take at least the first level of the platform’s trading education courses before going live. The trading platform demo should help them test their skills.

STEP FIVE: Apply the tools in live trading

Live trading shouldn’t be hard if you take step four seriously. You only need to apply what you learned in this step in the live account.

The Immediate Xgen tools should help you analyse data, build strategies, and turn them into profitable trades.

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Immediate Xgen AI website and login security

It’s quite important to check if a trading platform has adequate safety measures in place before investing.

A platform that doesn’t invest in adequate online safety measures is likely to be a scam. Legit and reputable trading platforms often have verifiable online safety measures in place.

Immediate Xgen AI is well invested in user safety since it encrypts all data submitted via its site. The platform also alleges operating under a strict privacy policy that is based on the GDPR.

We have gone through the Immediate Xgen AI reviews on Trustpilot and didn’t find any safety-related complaints.

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Is Immediate Xgen AI legit? The Verdict!

One of features that proves its legitimacy, is that the platform has disclosed all the data required to verify its legitimacy. This data has been fact-checked by the experts and proven to be accurate.

The platform is, therefore, authentic and safe. It also seems quite helpful since many traders have reviewed it quite well. Immediate Xgen has a Trustpilot score of 4.4/5 after more than five thousand reviews.

The platform also has great reviews on Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook. Many experts have tested its tools in the live markets and given positive feedback. Our conclusions in this post are based on the feedback from these experts.

The platform has the potential to turn any ordinary person into a profitable trader. It’s worth noting that crypto speculation is quite risky and the chances of making a loss are huge irrespective of the tools applied.

Try your luck with Immediate Xgen AI here and please only test the waters with an amount you can afford to lose.

Frequently asked questions

Is Immediate Xgen AI a safe trading platform?

It has put in place all the necessary safety measures. These include data encryption and confidentiality. The platform adheres to the privacy regulations of the countries in which it operates.

Which crypto pairs do I trade with Immediate Xgen AI?

All tools from the app can be applied to almost any crypto pair. The pairs can be crypto to crypto or crypto to fiat. Its users receive the list of the supported crypto pairs on signup.

Where is Immediate Xgen AI regulated?

The platform is a tool provider and not a financial broker. This means that it doesn’t need any form of regulation. However, it claims that it works with Cysec and ASIC-regulated brokers.

Does Immediate Xgen AI charge registration fees?

All tools and help is currently provided on a free licence. The platform may introduce a registration fee after its pilot testing phase.


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