Is Immediate Ewave a Scam or Legit Trading Platform? Find out here!

The crypto industry has gained rapidly since the start of the year with bitcoin crossing the $50,000 mark recently. Analysts believe that this is the best time to invest since the crypto boom is bound to accelerate in the coming months.

Immediate Ewave is one of the tools said to help investors take advantage of aggressive crypto cycles. The platform claims to offer premium third-party trading research and education tools for free.

Many investors report achieving amazing results with the tools. Surprisingly, the platform is reviewed as newbie-friendly. Many beginners allegedly hit the home run with the platform from day one of trading.

But is Immediate Ewave legit and does it generate the said results? Our investigative squad has done the fact-checking and presented detailed and objective feedback in this post.

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Immediate Ewave Review Summary

Platform type Trading education and tools provider
Minimum investment USD 250
Potential profits Unspecified
Availability 120+ countries in 5 continents
Tradable assets Crypto
Required experience level None
Customer support 24/7
Safety Military-grade website, login page, and server-side encryption

What is Immediate Ewave?

Immediate Ewave tops the list of the best crypto investing platforms this year. The platform is only several months old but it’s already the most popular crypto trading tools and resources provider.

Immediate Ewave allegedly connects users with third-party AI-driven trading research and risk control tools. The platform claims that its trading research tools are ten times better than those offered by traditional trading platforms.

Moreover, these tools are quite easy to use and hence newbies can start achieving trading success right from the start. The third-party risk management tools provided under the platform are also quite helpful.

Amazingly, the risk management tools are also AI-driven. AI-based risk management tools are quite a few in the market and are offered at a premium. Some require an annual licence fee of up to $10,000.

Immediate Ewave has reportedly partnered with third-party tool providers to offer the tools for free.

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How Immediate Ewave AI works

Immediate Ewave helps users hit the home run in crypto investing by providing research and risk management tools and trading education. Its main offerings are explained in detail below.

AI-driven research tools

The quality of trading research greatly influences the trading outcome. Your trades are likely to fail if you don’t invest in quality research. Immediate Ewave claims offering free access to premium third-party trading research tools. These tools are reportedly AI-driven and hence quite effective.

AI-powered risk management

The AI-powered risk management tools are provided by third parties in partnership with this platform. These tools help users leverage big data to build highly effective trading risk management strategies.

AI-powered risk management tools are the best in the highly volatile and data-driven crypto markets.

Fun trading education

Immediate Ewave claims that its education centre is the best-equipped and most user-friendly. The education centre provides courses, webinars, and tests to help users hone their trading skills.

News portal and blog

Immediate Ewave helps users keep tabs on the latest crypto developments through its news portal and blog. The blog provides expert market commentaries to help users generate insights from the news.

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Immediate Ewave AI app features

This platform has the best features when compared to its closest competitors. These features enable it to deliver quality results consistently. Read on for an in-depth discussion of the Immediate Ewave features.

User experience

We have read many Immediate Ewave reviews and user feedback is generally positive. The traders report that it makes crypto investing easy and fun. We can confirm that all their tools are quite easy to use. Also, the trading interface is easy to navigate through.

Fees and commissions

Immediate Ewave is quite transparent on fees and commissions. All its tools are provided on a free licence. Moreover, there are no account maintenance fees and only a small commission per profitable trade is charged. Trading fees are charged separately via the broker-linked on registering on the Immediate Ewave website.

Non-trading charges

The assigned crypto broker doesn’t charge any non-trading fees. Non-trading fees include inactive account fees, deposit fees, and withdrawal fees. It’s free to deposit and withdraw with the broker. Also, you won’t pay a dime in inactive account penalties.

Partner brokers

As mentioned above, you are automatically assigned to a broker when you create an account on the Immediate Ewave website. Background checks carried out by our team reveal that all the assigned brokers are licensed in leading financial markets. Moreover, the brokers have a reputation for providing the best trading terms.

Customer support

Immediate Ewave demonstrates its dedication to user satisfaction by providing quality support services. Users can reach out to their agents via a chat feature on its official site. They can also contact the support team via phone or write them an email. A call-back form is also presented on the site.

Safety measures

Background checks find the Immediate Ewave website to be adequately encrypted. They claim using the COMODO SSL protection to prevent data theft at the site and login page. Moreover, their servers are secured through the powerful Amazon S3 encryption.

Trading speed

Immediate Ewave enables high-speed trading via its third-party tools. High-speed trading is important since it prevents negative slippage. Negative slippage happens when order execution is delayed hence leading to negative price changes. This leads to losses.

Data-driven trading

Data-driven trading brings about high accuracy. Big data analysis allows traders to scrutinise all data before making trading decisions. The Immediate Ewave tools make big data analysis quite easy.

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Advantages of Immediate Ewave

Immediate Ewave markets itself as the key to successful crypto investing. The platform stands out against competition in all the important areas.

These include performance, ease of use, affordability, customer support, and safety. Let’s discuss each of the advantages of Immediate Ewave below.

High-performance track record

Immediate Ewave has amazing reviews on Trustpilot which means that it’s likely profitable. The platform improves profitability by ensuring quality trades and also minimising trading risk.

Easy to use for beginners

Beginner traders allege that Immediate Ewave makes crypto investing easy. Its tools enable newbies to do sophisticated trading research and execute quality trades. It’s also said to make order execution easy.

Affordable for most traders

Most traders report that Immediate Ewave is affordable. It’s free to sign up with it and commissions only apply when a profit is earned. Moreover, traders can get started with a capital investment of USD 250 only.

Quality customer support

Immediate Ewave also beats its competition in customer support services. Their support services are available 24/7 and in multiple languages. Also, unlike the competitors, they offer support via multiple methods including live chat, email, phone, and callbacks.

Safe trading platform

This platform prioritises user safety. They report encrypting user data at all levels and adhering to data protection regulations in all countries of operation. This includes the UK where data privacy laws are dictated by the GDPR.

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How to trade with Immediate Ewave

Immediate Ewave claims that it makes crypto investing easy for beginners. Amazingly, its users only need to follow a few steps to speculate on the volatile crypto markets through this program.

Immediate Ewave boasts of being the most user-friendly crypto investing software in the market. This explains why it’s popular with less-savvy crypto investors. Highlighted below are the steps to follow to use the platform in your crypto trading.


Signing up on the Immediate Ewave website is a breeze. You need to fill out the signup form carefully because they will require you to complete a verification process in the next step. The platform claims that it protects user data via the highest encryption standards.

Immediate Ewave: learn more form

Account Verification

Immediate Ewave provides its tools via reputable and Know Your Customer (KYC) compliant brokers. You are matched with one of the KYC-compliant brokers on registration.

The broker will ask for additional information and prompt you to upload a proof of identity document. All details in your proof of identity document should match those provided during registration.

Account funding

The investment capital is also deposited through the broker. A list of the supported payment methods is available on the deposit page.

You only need to click on your payment method of choice and follow the prompts to fund your account. All the Immediate Ewave tools and resources become available after the funding process.

Tutorials and demo

Dedicate enough time to mastering the Immediate Ewave tools and resources before going live.

As explained earlier, the platform equips you with trading research and risk management tools. There are over ten tools under this platform and each tool has its specific role.

Each video tutorial explains a specific tool. Watch all the tutorials and test the functionality of the tools in the live account.

Live trading

Using the Immediate Ewave tool shouldn’t be a problem if you took the tutorials seriously. The platform allows you to go back to the demo to test different strategies before starting a live session.

Live trading involves applying the strategies developed through the tools in the live trading account. Newbies find Immediate Ewave to be quite easy to operate.

Immediate EWave cryptocurrency chart.

Immediate Ewave website and login page security

Website and login page security is paramount since this is where 99% of attacks begin. Immediate Ewave uses the top-ranked Comodo SSL certificate to protect user data at the website and login page levels.

The data stored on its servers is also secured via high-grade encryption. Moreover, the trading platform is quite straightforward in its data privacy policy. Their data privacy is quite detailed and addresses all the important areas.

Is Immediate Ewave legit? Final word!

Immediate Ewave is a reputable, reliable, and secure crypto trading system. The investment platform has all the hallmarks of genuineness.

Our research shows that it’s quite committed to transparency. Its reviewers confirm that it keeps all its promises. We are satisfied with the amount of information disclosed on the Immediate Ewave website.

The information is enough to help anyone interested in trading with it make an informed choice. Many expert investigators have fact-checked the data on the site and concluded that it’s accurate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Immediate Ewave a scam?

In-depth background checks by different highly-rated experts conclude that Immediate Ewave is legit. The platform’s dedication to transparency and safety shows that it’s genuine.

Does Immediate Ewave make trading easy?

Immediate Ewave aims to make crypto speculation easy for newbies. Traders who use its tools in crypto trading report that it reduces the trading complexity by more than 70%.

Do I pay any registration fees to use the platform?

Immediate Ewave is currently offered on a free licence. There is a rumour that it will introduce a signup fee after its pilot testing phase. Traders should take advantage of the free trading licence while it lasts.

Does the Immediate Ewave app work on IOS?

Traders can use the Immediate Ewave app on IOS, Android, and Windows smartphones. The app is quite intuitive and lightweight to ensure compatibility with low-memory phones.

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