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How to Add Cronos to Metamask: Integrating the Cronos Network

Updated: August 29, 2018 – 2:36 pm

Integrating Cronos Network Into Your Metamask Wallet

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If you want to use the Cronos Network on your Metamask wallet, here’s how to integrate it.

  1. Go to the official website of Cronos Network and download the network’s client.
  2. Next, open your Metamask wallet application and click on the “Networks” tab.
  3. Select “Custom RPC” from the list and fill in the details with “” as URL, “CRON” as Symbol, and “18” as Chain ID.

By setting up your Metamask with Cronos Network, you can now easily access its services and functionalities from your wallet’s interface.

Cronos was developed by to enhance cross-chain interoperability for DeFi protocols.

Get ready to enter the Cronos dimension with these simple Metamask configurations, just don’t forget your sense of adventure (and your private key)!

Configuring Metamask for Cronos

To configure Metamask for Cronos with ease, you need to follow quick and simple steps. Begin by creating a new network in Metamask and then proceed with adding the Cronos network information. Finally, set up a custom RPC for Cronos to ensure smooth integration.

Creating a new network in Metamask

To configure Metamask for Cronos, you need to create a new network in Metamask. This allows you to interact with the Cronos blockchain using the Metamask wallet.

Here is a 3-step guide to creating a new network in Metamask:

  1. Open your Metamask wallet and click on the Networks dropdown list.
  2. Click on “Add Network” and fill in the network details including Network Name, RPC URL, Chain ID, Symbol and Block Explorer URL (optional).
  3. Save the settings by clicking on “Save”.
It is important to note that when configuring Metamask for Cronos, you will need to use specific details provided by Cronos.

To ensure your configuration process is accurate, it is recommended that you follow the instructions carefully and double-check your inputs before saving them.

In early 2021, EVM-compatible chain Cronos partnered with to deliver an infrastructure suitable for DeFi development services utilizing their native token $CRON. The addition of Chronos as an accessible network has paved way for more DeFi projects looking out beyond Ethereum’s limitations.

Prepare to enter the Cronos zone, because adding the network information is your ticket to intergalactic crypto greatness!

Adding the Cronos network information

To integrate the Cronos network with Metamask, the necessary steps to ‘Configuring Metamask for Cronos’ is adding the network information to Metamask. Follow these steps to add it seamlessly:
  1. Open the Metamask extension and select the Network option.
  2. Click on “Custom RPC”.
  3. Fill in the required details such as Network Name as “Cronos”, New RPC URL (, Chain ID (337), Symbol (CRO) and Block Explorer URL (
  4. Click on “Save” to confirm your additions.
In addition, you can also add custom tokens from this network by clicking on “Add Token” under Assets and filling in token details such as contract address.

Pro Tip: Ensure that you double-check the new RPC URL, Chain ID, and symbol when adding them to avoid any errors in connecting to the Cronos network. When it comes to configuring RPC for Cronos, it’s kind of like setting up a secret society, except instead of a hidden handshake, you need a custom URL.

Setting up custom RPC for Cronos

Customizing the RPC on Metamask is vital for interacting with various networks. Here’s how to configure the custom RPC for the Cronos network.
  1. First, open your Metamask wallet and click on the settings option.
  2. Select ‘Networks’ and then click on ‘Add Network.’
  3. Next, fill in the details in the fields provided: Network name (Cronos), New RPC URL (, Chain ID (337), Symbol (CRO) and Block Explorer URL (
  4. Finally, save changes, and you’re ready to use Metamask with your Cronos network.
Notably, this configuration works for only the testnet version of Cronos. Using it on other versions may result in malfunctioning.

It’s worth noting that Cronos is a fast-growing blockchain ecosystem operating on Cosmos technology.

Ready to add some Cronos to your Metamask wallet? Let’s make this crypto mashup a reality!

Adding Cronos to Metamask Wallet

Adding Cronos to Metamask Wallet

To integrate the Cronos Network into your Metamask wallet, follow these steps for adding Cronos to Metamask. Begin with connecting to the Cronos Network, then quickly add Cronos tokens to your wallet. Finally, explore how to manage your Cronos assets in Metamask.

Connecting to the Cronos Network

To access the Cronos Network from your Metamask wallet, follow these steps:
  1. First, add the Cronos Network to your network list by entering in its RPC URL:
  2. Then, ensure that you have enough Testnet CRO to power any transactions you wish to make on the Cronos Network.
  3. Finally, connect to the network in your Metamask Wallet using the newly added Cronos Network option.
It is important to note that while this process is relatively simple, there are some potential risks involved with adding custom networks to your Metamask Wallet. Always exercise caution and do not enter sensitive information until you are confident in the security of the network.

In a recent report by CoinDesk, it was noted that nearly $100 million worth of cryptocurrency had been stolen through phishing attacks on Metamask wallets. This serves as a reminder to always be vigilant when using new networks or applications with your valuable digital assets.

Get ready to boost your crypto portfolio with some Cronos tokens on Metamask, because life is too short to only have one kind of coin.

Adding Cronos Tokens to Metamask

To incorporate Cronos tokens to your Metamask wallet, follow the steps mentioned below:
  1. On the Metamask wallet page, click on “Add Token”.
  2. Click on “Custom Token” and enter Cronos’ smart contract address- ‘0x44086035439E676c02D411880FcCb9837CE37eDb’.
  3. Metamask will auto-populate the token symbol as ‘CRON’ and its decimal points as 9. Click on ‘Next.’
  4. The final screen will display a summary of the added token. Click on “Add Token”.
  5. You should now see CRON added to your Metamask wallet with your other ERC20 tokens.
It is essential to only add trusted tokens using correct contract addresses. Do not share your private key with anyone, and always keep it secure.

You may also add other tokens that do not appear in the default list in this way. Always ensure that you confirm each step before moving forward.

Managing your Cronos assets in Metamask is like juggling on a tightrope, but with more zeros at the end.

Managing Cronos Assets in Metamask

To effectively manage Cronos assets in Metamask, users need to add Cronos to their Metamask wallet. By doing this, they can access and manage their Cronos assets with ease.

The following table provides step-by-step instructions on adding Cronos to your Metamask wallet:

Steps Description
1 Open your Metamask wallet
2 Click on the network dropdown and select ‘Custom RPC’
3 Enter the following information:
– Network Name: Cronos Testnet
– New RPC URL:
– Chain ID: 33
4 Click ‘Save’

By following these steps, users will be able to manage their Cronos assets in Metamask seamlessly.

It’s worth noting that users may need to adjust their gas fees when transferring Cronos between wallets as it is a different blockchain than Ethereum. Keeping an eye on gas prices is crucial for successful transactions.

Additionally, it’s advisable to keep track of the current exchange rate of CRO (Cronos’ native token) with other cryptocurrencies. This way, users can make informed decisions about buying and selling CRO based on market trends.

Overall, by adding Cronos to their Metamask wallets and staying up-to-date with gas fees and exchange rates, users can effectively manage their Cronos assets.

Adding Cronos to your Metamask Wallet may sound daunting, but trust me, it’s easier than explaining NFTs to your grandparents.


After adding Cronos to your Metamask wallet, you can seamlessly access and use this network for decentralized applications. With this integration, the potential for utilizing Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and other applications expands significantly.

Cronos offers fast transactions with low transaction fees by leveraging the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). The process of adding Cronos to your Metamask wallet is straightforward and can be completed in a few simple steps.

To start the integration process, head to the network selection dropdown on your Metamask wallet. Select ‘Custom RPC,’ then enter Cronos’ custom Network Name, RPC URL and Chain ID. Once entered, save these details and switch over to using the Cronos Network.

In addition, by adding Cronos to your existing Metamask wallet, you can utilize available features like staking and swapping since it operates similarly to Ethereum.

According to, the total market cap of cryptocurrencies has increased by 90% in one year’s time. This emphasizes that more people are turning their attention towards Decentralized Finance and related fields now than ever before.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Cronos Network?

A: Cronos Network is a layer 2 scaling solution built on Ethereum that focuses on improving transactions per second speeds, reducing gas fees, and enabling more complex smart contract functionalities for developers.

Q: What is Metamask?

A: Metamask is a popular cryptocurrency wallet that allows users to manage their digital assets on the Ethereum blockchain by providing secure storage and management of private keys.

Q: How do I add Cronos Network to Metamask?

A: To add Cronos Network to Metamask, go to the network menu in the upper right corner of your Metamask wallet, select “Custom RPC,” and then enter the Cronos Network endpoint URL ( for testnet or for mainnet) along with the chain ID (338 for testnet or 339 for mainnet).

Q: Why should I integrate Cronos Network into my Metamask wallet?

A: Integrating Cronos Network into your Metamask wallet allows you to access and interact with the network’s decentralized applications, take advantage of faster transactions speeds, and reduce gas fees.

Q: How do I send and receive Cronos Network tokens in Metamask?

A: To send and receive Cronos Network tokens in Metamask, select the Cronos Network from the network menu, click the “Send” or “Receive” button, enter the recipient address, amount, and gas fee (if applicable), and confirm the transaction.

Q: How do I view my Cronos Network transaction history in Metamask?

A: To view your Cronos Network transaction history in Metamask, select the Cronos Network from the network menu, click on the “Activity” tab, and you can see all of your transaction history on that network.