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Vegan ice cream, crepe shop opens Nov. 20 in Northeast

Updated: November 14, 2017 - 4:14 pm

Crepe & Spoon combines the dreams of two Northeasters

Michael Beachy wanted to open a crepe stand. Rachel Booth, a coworker, was looking to explore ice cream. The result is Crepe & Spoon.

CREPE & SPOON submitted 9 webThe ice cream and crepe shop will open in November in the Holland neighborhood of Northeast Minneapolis. Booth and Beachy, two employees of the Sheridan Room, became business partners after discussing their plans for making desserts. They thought: Why not put them together?

“We started talking and thought ‘Wait, that’s legitimate. Let’s do it,’” Booth said.

Booth, the opening general manager of the Sheridan neighborhood restaurant, spearheaded the ice cream program there, but it became more than just the occasional shake. She made funky flavors like black pepper and popcorn.

“Branching out from there, I wanted to develop that skill and explore it a bit more,” she said.

Meanwhile, Beachy was thinking about starting a crepe and coffee stand or food truck of his own.

Most of the ice creamed served at Crepe & Spoon will be vegan thanks to non-dairy flavors and recipes. When it opens, Booth said the shop will have 12 flavors, with 10 being vegan and two being traditionally dairy based.

Diners can expect some unusual ice cream concoctions at Crepe & Spoon. Booth plans to pull from her experience running bars by making ice cream with non-alcoholic flavors similar to cocktails and spirits.

A chocolate rye ice cream gets whiskey and charred oak flavors from a soak in rye whiskey and oaks sticks meant to enhance spirits. Another ice cream, this time meant to be like an old fashioned, features orange and cherry that would normally be in the drink. Despite the boozy flavors, no actual alcohol will make it into the ice cream, Booth said.

“Because I’ve been in the bar industry for so long, I wanted to have that be a part of this as well because it has been such a big part [of my life],” she said.

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On Beachy’s side, Crepe & Spoon will offer mostly sweet dessert crepes that will pair with the ice cream. The two plan to offer an ice cream and crepe deal combining the two.

To start, the shop will also have two savory crepes for a light meal. The crepes will all be vegan with non-dairy milk, butters and other simple alternatives. Cashew and coconut milks replace dairy in the ice cream.

“We’ve got our secrets too,” Beachy said.

Crepe & Spoon will have a simple coffee program without espresso drinks. The two are tapping Twin Cities-based Bootstrap Coffee Roasters for their beans.

At a tiny 870 square feet, the shop will only have seating for four. Crepe & Spoon occupies a long-vacant space — the two said it’s been a pet shop, a liquor store and a butcher shop over the past century — near at 22nd & University.

Crepe & Spoon, located at 339 22nd Ave. NE will celebrate a Nov. 20 grand opening with a vegan meat raffle of stuffed turkeys from Herbivorous Butcher.