Stouffers postcard

Image from Hennepin History Museum’s collection.

A familiar name from the freezer aisle

In 1946, a new Stouffer’s restaurant opened at 89 S. 7th St. in Minneapolis. Part of a national chain, Stouffer’s promised their customers “delicious food served in charming colonial surroundings by carefully trained waitresses.” In contrast to the “quiet restful surroundings” advertised on this postcard, the local Stouffer’s was also the setting of a dramatic bombing when several dozen sticks of dynamite placed on their front doorstep shook downtown Minneapolis during the early hours of December 16, 1946. No one was injured, although the building was heavily damaged. Newspapers of the time suggested labor disputes as a possible motivation, although later police enquiries focused on local criminals with organized crime connections and a track record with dynamite. Stouffer’s survived the bombing and hung on for another ten years, finally closing in 1957 after being unable to obtain a liquor license.

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