Westin Tailor Shop c 1890

Westin Tailor Shop c 1890. Image from Hennepin History Museum’s collection.

The cut of his suit

Minneapolis tailor H. Westin stands in front of his new premises at 619 Nicollet Ave. around the year 1890. By this time, Westin had been working in Minneapolis for more than two decades and had developed the reputation as one of the city’s finest suit cutters. Some of the firm’s offerings can be seen in the window. Around this time, Westin and the other members of the Merchant Tailors’ Exchange of Minneapolis gathered to vote on a resolution in protest of a clause in the Tariff Act of 1890, more commonly known as the McKinley Tariff, that would allow duty-free import of up to $500 of manufactured clothing. Westin and his colleagues worried that this would hurt American tailors.

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