The Historyapolis Project

Kirsten Delegard is director of the Historyapolis Project, which is part of the history department at Augsburg College. The Historyapolis Project seeks to bring fresh attention to the history of Minneapolis and is working to unearth stories that can explain how the city took shape. During 2014, Delegard is compiling an inventory of historical resources pertinent to Minneapolis with the help of a team of students and citizen-researchers associated with the Historyapolis Lab. For more details visit our website at This project has been made possible by the Legacy Amendment’s Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund, which is administered by the Minnesota Historical Society.
Oct 15, 2014

When Prohibition became the law of the land in 1920, most Americans assumed that beer brewing would become a dead art. Politicians like Hennepin County Sheriff Earle Brown loved smashing stills like the one pictured here for the media, demonstrating for the public their commitment to the campaign against demon rum.

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