Ilhan will represent us well in state House

What is a tough choice you have had to make in your life? 

I want to share with you two tough choices I have made — one 25 years ago, and one now.

Choosing to live in Minnesota — just like Ilhan Omar’s family did — was one of the best decisions of my life, and one of the hardest. After growing up on the East Coast and living in Japan, I started renting in Marcy-Holmes neighborhood 25 years ago, when my husband Steve and I chose to move to Minnesota. We researched the great university, the strong economy, and the quality of life.

We quickly saw that people here share their time to help us all thrive. People know that they can create a vibrant community by giving their time, and learning from each other. It can be hard starting life in a new place, leaving behind the familiar and moving away from people we care about. We felt we could start here.

Choosing to support Ilhan — that is another important choice. Rep. Phyllis Kahn has provided leadership, and I have actively supported her. Now our district — and our state — need Ilhan Omar’s leadership. I’ve decided to support Ilhan and will caucus for her on March 1 to win the DFL endorsement.

I urge you to join me, and want to share with you why I support Ilhan Omar for State Representative.

Our district needs a new leader — a person who is accessible to all people living in our district, has a bold vision for our future, and represents our diverse community.

Both Ilhan and I are deeply concerned about the health and racial disparities that exist in our state — and our district. I strongly believe that your zip code should not determine your lifespan — but it does today. Ilhan worked with me as a Humphrey Policy Fellow to identify key strategies to close the opportunity gap, and is committed to creating long-term solutions. 

Ilhan is a good listener who brings people together; I have seen her listen to people sharing their concerns and hopes. Because our community is so diverse, listening is particularly important now. I have seen her work with others to create solutions; she understands how to be a team player. Ilhan will inspire us and be able to involve everyone to work for positive change.

Together, we can create an educated, healthy community where everyone thrives.

More than 40 years ago, Rep. Kahn had to learn the ropes at the Capitol. Now, it’s Ilhan’s turn — she is the leader our district needs today.

She gives me hope for our future.

It’s time for Ilhan.

Cordelia Pierson