Kudos for The Journal

To the Staff of The Journal:

As a resident of the Columbia Park neighborhood, I have been receiving your paper on my doorstep for some time and want to compliment you on what a fine job you have been doing.  I may not read your newspapers immediately, but I always go through them eventually because I tend to find information in them that I can’t find anywhere else.  A case in point is your April 9-22 issue with its series of articles on “Risky Rails.”  All the articles were well written and offered background information on crude oil rail shipment and details that I have not seen elsewhere, either in the Star Tribune or the nightly television news. 

Another case in point is your coverage of our Minneapolis city elections. When I need to sort out multiple candidates for the park board, school board, or a mayor’s race, the journal seems to be the only place where I can find background information for each candidate and what he/she represents.  The candidates’ own glossy brochures too often only show me that they have nice families or love their dogs.  Such information is not very helpful to me when making a choice.

I have also found your information on new eating and drinking establishments to be helpful.  If a new restaurant opens up in my area and you give it a good review, I cut out that blurb and put it in a folder.  Several years ago when old friends were in the area and we were looking for a place to go out together, I gave the folder to Jeff and he chose Stanley’s Bar based on your review.  It turned out to be a great choice:  they had very good food (just as you said they would) and good brews, and we had a wonderful time there.

Keep up the good work!

Carol Makkyla