Why I support Brian Hagerty for District Judge

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August 4, 2014
By: Aaron Sojourner
Aaron Sojourner

I've know Brian and his family since I moved to Southwest Minneapolis with my family to join the faculty at the Carlson School of Management as a labor economist. A college classmate of mine who went to law school with Brian introduced us. She said that Brian was a star at the University of Michigan Law School— one of the best law schools in the country—and graduated first in his class. Having gotten to know Brian well over the years, his intelligence is very clear.

But Brian is not just smart. He is well-rounded, with a grounded appreciation of the lives and needs of people throughout our community. Before going to law school, Brian spent six years running his own business, a coffee shop called CyberX on the corner of Lake and Lyndale. Also before going to law school, Brian got a master's degree in public policy at the U's Humphrey Institute, where he did research on racial disparities in the child-welfare system. And shortly after he graduated from college, Brian worked as a counselor for runaway and homeless teenagers in Washington, DC. The breadth of his experience before law school sets him apart from the field.

Equally impressive is Brian's dedication to our courts and to serving as a Hennepin County District Judge. Brian has spent virtually his entire legal career working in the court system as a judicial clerk. In that time, he has worked on civil and criminal cases, for state and federal judges, in trial and appellate courts. Few lawyers have experience with so many areas of law, and fewer still combine that legal experience with the first-rate intelligence and broad life experience that Brian brings to the table. That's why an impressive array of elected officials are also supporting him, from Mayor Hodges, to three City Council Members, to two state senators and two state representatives. Their support is a testament both to Brian's qualifications and to his commitment to service as a judge. 

Though I'm not a lawyer, I recognize the qualities I want in a judge: impartiality, intelligence, common sense, life experience, and a commitment to the court system. Brian has all of those qualities in spades.

I'm voting for Brian for seat 43 on the Hennepin County District Court. I hope you will join me.

Aaron Sojourner
4008 Bryant Ave. S