Being an election judge is an important service

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August 13, 2014
By: Sigrid Hutcheson
Sigrid Hutcheson

Thanks to David Brauer for his piece on being an election judge.  

It was very encouraging  to hear his observations on the details of election management, and the rigorous enforcement of all the rules.  I have served as an election judge for many years, and have always said that voter fraud and abuse was virtually impossible in the precincts where I have worked.

I often volunteer to handle the same-day voter registrations since this sometimes involves some problem solving.  We rarely have to deny anyone since most people read the rules and come prepared.  And David is correct. It is a long day, and some of the most detailed work happens after the polls close when everyone is tired and hungry.  But each time I am very proud to have been able to serve in this key component of democracy. And it is fun to spend a day doing important work with a great group of people. Give it a try. Even the training is a good experience.

Sigrid Hutcheson