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Carla Waldemar is an award-winning food/travel/arts writer who co-edited the former Twin Cities Reader, then served as food editor for Better Homes and Gardens and senior editor of Cuisine magazines. She edits the annual Zagat Survey of Twin Cities restaurants and contributes food and travel articles to local and national publications.

Mar 31, 2014

Lagoon Avenue might make a suitable site for arbitrating the dust-up in Ukraine, at least from a culinary point of view, with Coup d’Etat on one side of the street and Hammer & Sickle on the other. We’ve already reviewed the revolutionaries, so let’s see how the pro-Putin factor pans out.

Trading a Cold War aesthetic for a Red-hot ambience, its crimson door — unmarked, in true knock-three-times style — sets the tone, abetted by a scarlet lighting scheme, ruby napkins and lipstick-bright lampshades glowing in the booths.

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