Hundred Waters will play songs from the trio's newly released record “Communicating” at First Avenue’s 7th Street Entry on Sept. 29. Submitted photo

Hundred Waters will play songs from the trio's newly released record “Communicating” at First Avenue’s 7th Street Entry on Sept. 29. Submitted photo

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No miscommunication

With a name like Hundred Waters, the band should vibe well with the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

The Los Angeles-based trio of Nicole Miglis (vocals, piano, flute), Trayer Tryon (production, electronics, bass) and Zach Tetreault (drums, percussion, trumpet) produce dream-like music that hits somewhere between the Twin Cities’ own Poliça, the avant-garde electronic music of Björk and bedroom-pop groups like Real Estate.

On “Communicating,” the band’s newly released third full-length album, Hundred Waters produce an introspective electronic album exploring the breakdown — or limit — of communication.

“From a broad lens, the album is a breakup,” Miglis said in an announcement of the record. “It starts with a need for independence and it ends with an ‘all better,’ like we did it: We learned, we loved, we separated, and now it’s time for the next chapter.”

HW_communicatingOn “Wave to Anchor,” Miglis coos and whispers over a disco-infused piano and bass line, playing and blending with a mix of acoustic and distorted sounds. If this is a breakup record, the song — an upbeat, dancey track despite its existential lyrics (“But who, who have I lived for? / Yeah who, who have I lived for?” Miglis continues to ask) — is someone coming to their senses.

Hundred Waters doesn’t spend much time before feeling out the acoustic and dreamy corners of its sound. On “Parade,” a short, bittersweet song, Miglis’ rich, often raspy voice reverberates as if you closed the bathroom door and let the sound fill the space around you.

If previous songs exude strength, others, such as “Blanket Me,” come off as emotional pleas for connection, pushing communication to an extreme as Miglis repeats the titular phrase, which devolves from a command to a prayer.

The album is beautifully unique, blending musical genres — from experimental electronic to acoustic pop — with raw emotion to create music that simply doesn’t sound like anything else.

Hundred Waters will perform songs from “Communicating” at First Avenue’s 7th Street Entry on Friday, Sept. 29. The 18-plus show opens with Los Angeles-based Lafawndah.

“Communicating” is out now via OWSLA.

Busting out laughing

kirk0504Fin(1)_RETOUCEHD_HIGHRES webJen Kirkman has made a career in comedy from behind the scenes. I first heard her as a voice actor on “Home Movies,” a late-night show I was definitely too young to be watching at the time. Though she’s also written two New York Times bestselling books, released stand-up albums and created her own podcast, “I Seem Fun: The Diary of Jen Kirkman,” the “Chelsea Lately” alumna is embracing a more public image. Her Netflix specials, including one that came out earlier this year, are superb, but you don’t have to believe me — watch them yourself. Kirkman doesn’t just tell jokes. She tells stories that weave social justice into metaphors and dark, deeply personal narratives. It’s a different kind of comedy than I grew up with watching “Home Movies.” You can see Kirkman off-screen at the Woman’s Club of Minneapolis on Thursday, Oct. 5. Shannan Paul, a Twin Cities comic and host on MyTalk 107.1FM, is the special guest for the evening.

Photo by Eric Best
Photo by Eric Best

Crawling into style

39_CooksOfCrocusHill_NorthLoop_HQ webBefore you walk the runway, first you must fashion crawl. Ham-fisted philosophies aside, the North Loop Fall Fashion Crawl is coming up and it may be the most convenient way to prepare your fall wardrobe or at least pretend like you have a closet of clothes picked out specifically for one season. Whatever you’ve heard about downtown retail dying, the hip neighborhood to the north has been the area to prove people wrong. On Saturday, Sept. 30, both fashionistas and fashion crawlers can peruse the racks at veteran retailers like MartinPatrick3, Statement Boutique or Shoesters or check out new neighborhood names like Bonobos, Queen Anna or russell + hazel. While you’re out and about, you may want to head over to Askov Finlayson where they’ve just released a new edition of North hats. If you need a pit stop, you won’t have to go much further than the Fro Yo Soul food truck on site. And if you — and your wallet — make it through the day, the Hewing Hotel is throwing an after party from 7 p.m.–9 p.m. with a raffle, Nordic-inspired appetizers and a specialty cocktail in spirit with the neighborhood.