Cool Pollution. Submitted photo

Cool Pollution. Submitted photo

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Updated: May 17, 2018 - 3:52 pm

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Moonbabies send their love

When Ilya Garelik says his band’s name is an inside joke, it makes sense. When listening to Cool Pollution, you don’t exactly feel like you’re in on the joke, but the delivery is undeniably cool nonetheless.

Cool Pollution, a local band-turned-solo-project-turned-band of Garelik’s doing (they don’t actually endorse pollution), is set to release its next LP, the six-song “From Kosmos with Love,” this month.

Frontman Garelik, who plays guitar and sings on the record, wrote the personality-packed songs before teaming up with Adrian Williams, who plays synthesizers with the band and produces under the moniker Adriatic, and Ian Sutherland, a drummer from local metal bands Ashbringer and Shirazad. The additional members create a well-produced layer below Garelik’s voice, which cuts through, telling stories of “Moonbabies,” fractured relationships and mutiny.

“Before it seemed like [the songs] were just skeletons. They gave them a body of their own,” Garelik said.

“From Kosmos with Love” opens with “Sirens (Purple Sky),” a tune that finds joy in nihilism (“And you remember that nothing lasts forever / That’s where I’ll meet you”) and serves as an intro to the band’s combination of influences — Garelik describes their music as “psychedelic indie folk with post-rock elements.”

It moves to “Water Towers,” a bright indie-pop song about love and understanding how relationships ebb and flow (“Left the faucet on for way too long / All that water has now come and gone”).

The LP picks up with “Wayward,” a tune about relationships “going off course,” Garelik said. The roughly five-minute song tells tales — a couple fighting in the night and a ship’s crew rebelling against their wayward captain — that on their face feel different, but are tied together through a chorus (“nothing changes / rearranges”) before the song literally goes wayward.

The LP eventually strays from relationships with songs like “In The Matrix,” a sleek, bluesy track that comments on the surveillance state and how it affects human behavior, Garelik said. The final track, the upbeat “Moonbabies,” is guaranteed to have the audience dancing.

Cool Pollution is set to release “From Kosmos with Love” on its Bandcamp page for free download around the time they take to the 7th Street Entry on Tuesday, April 11. The LP release show will have projection art from artist Hattie Ball and a slew of local and aptly named bands, including Ghostband, Sloslylove, City Counselor and The Controversial New ‘Skinny Pill.’

“We just want to go all out for the show. You only get one release show, so we wanted to go big,” he said.

The band will continue to play local shows this spring.

Garelik recommends readers check out UK-based electronic music artist Kelly Lee Owns, who released her self-titled debut album in March. There’s also Jay Som, the Oakland-based dream-pop project from songwriter Melina Dterta, and Vagabon, the recording name of New York-based multi-instrumentalist Laetitia Tamko (be sure to check out her song “Minneapolis” from this year’s “Infinite Worlds”). Finally, from German label Kompakt, Garelik suggests listening to Brazilian house artist Gui Boratto and German dance artist and tastemaker Michael Mayer.


Worth the wait

If you follow restaurant news in the city like I do, then you know about Young Joni. Weeks after opening, Ann Kim’s new pizza restaurant in Northeast Minneapolis still has hour-long waits on weekdays, but not all is lost. If you get stuck waiting at the restaurant, be sure to try the back bar, tucked away in the alley just beyond the Darth Maul-esque red light. The bar recently unveiled a new menu of tribute cocktails named after celebrities who’ve recently passed, such as Prince, Alan Rickman and David Bowie. While themed, make no mistake; these drinks are still masterfully curated and mixed. The Leia, a drink dedicated to Carrie Fisher and her iconic “Star Wars” character, is the best drink I’ve had so far this year. With a milky froth thanks to an egg white, the gin sidecar-esque cocktail goes down with a gloriously smooth finish. The drink, an original take on the White Lady, combines gin, sparking wine, apricot and a sprig of thyme, all meant to capture the rebellious spirit of our favorite princess-turned-general. Cheers, and may the force be with you.

Art for art’s sake

In explaining RAW, it might be easier to explain what it isn’t. It isn’t simple. It isn’t traditional. And it isn’t boring. RAW is an independent arts show of sorts, which has spread to more than 60 cities around the globe. During the evening, participants can expect to see a menagerie of art and mediums, from film screenings and pop-up art galleries, to fashion shows, live performance art and designers showing off their wares. The 18-plus show in April, dubbed “Verse,” will feature host and Twin Cities personality Anahita Ahrar, music by DJ Matty Matt and dozens of makeup artists, musicians, photographers and more. Pre-sale tickets are available for the event, taking place Wednesday, April 19 at 7 p.m. at The Pourhouse, located at Hennepin & 5th.