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February 15, 2013
By: Bruce & Judy Erickson
Bruce & Judy Erickson

As the owners of Milton Johnson Roofing Company, we share your concern for the languishing pace of development on Lowry Avenue in the Bottineau neighborhood (Community leaders frustrated by lack of development on Lowry (Feb. 11, 2013).

However, since our building is pictured in the article, we are afraid that people will think that the building is vacant and our company out of business.  Please let me assure our customers and your readers that nothing could be further from the truth.

While the building is currently for sale, it is far from empty.  In fact, it is well-maintained, sound and ready to become a part of any renaissance along the avenue. We continue to operate a successful roofing operation out of the building, as we have for the last 23 years.

Once the building is sold, we will go on providing high quality roofing and remodeling services (at a different NE location) to clients in Northeast Minneapolis and the Twin Cities.

We, too, are committed to the neighborhood.  We grew up in Northeast Minneapolis, have loved living here our entire lives and own property here. We hope that you will let your readers know that Milton Johnson Roofing Company is, in fact, alive and well - and most supportive of your  vision for a vibrant new Lowry Avenue.

Bruce & Judy Erickson
Milton Johnson Roofing Co.
525 Lowry Ave. N.E.