Hofstede should honor her word and withdraw

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August 12, 2013
By: Peter Austin-et al.
Peter Austin-et al.

Honoring your word still means something. When a promise is made we expect it will be kept, especially by those who ask for our vote.

Leading up to the Third Ward DFL Convention, both Jacob Frey and Diane Hofstede gave their word they would abide by the DFL endorsement. Neither had to agree to abide by the endorsement; both willingly did. In doing so, each promised to support the endorsed candidate, including withdrawing from the race if one of them lost the endorsement to the other.

Both candidates repeatedly made this promise - verbally, to the media, and on countless questionnaires submitted to groups. This promise was made without exceptions or qualifications. Each had ample time along with a fair opportunity to persuade neighbors in the Third Ward as to why they should be selected as the DFL Party’s choice.

Unfortunately, once Diane Hofstede saw the sea of red Jacob Frey t-shirts at the endorsing convention, realizing she would lose in a landslide, Diane went back on her word to abide by the DFL Party’s endorsement.

We believe your word matters and hoped Diane Hofstede would have reconsidered her promises and not filed for office. We hoped the reality of the people overwhelmingly choosing a new DFL voice would have set in by now and she would have gracefully conceded. We hoped that she would honor her word and join the broad coalition of community leaders and organizations who are supporting Jacob Frey, which includes Labor, our Congressman, Keith Ellison, and five of her peers on the Minneapolis City Council.

There is still time for Diane Hofstede to withdraw and honor her word. The deadline for withdrawal is Thursday, Aug. 15 by 5 p.m. We respectfully ask Diane Hofstede to do so.

If Diane Hofstede does not honor her word now, how can she expect voters to entrust her with their vote on Nov. 5? 

Peter Austin, Chad DiDonato, Tim Kehr, Sara Pschigoda, David Tinjum, Caroline Balch, Nathan Freeburg, Nicque Mabrey, Anj Ronay, Andrew S. Webb, Phil Cross, David Hauser, Earnest Morgan, Michael Sichmeller, Brian Woolsey, Adrian Cumming, David Hill, Scott Nguyen and Cecil Smith