Frey is the right leader for Ward 3

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October 24, 2013
By: Michael Rainville
Michael Rainville

Having lived in NE all my life and having the honor of learning the "culture" of this special community via my mother and father, aunts and uncles, and the elders of the neighborhoods, I know how important the phrase a "person's word is their bond" becomes as we live our daily lives.

To give your word to support the DFL-endorsed candidate going into an endorsing convention is a statement on a person's values and morals. No one knows better than me how difficult that choice becomes, as I also pledged to honor the DFL endorsement going into the Park Board convention in 2009, as the residents of the East Side were asked to endorse a candidate.

I lost the endorsement to Liz Wilenski and I keep my word to honor the DFL endorsing process. It was a hard choice but the right choice for the East Side. A person cannot govern if they do not keep their word, especially on something as important as the DFL endorsing process.

Diane Hofstede has not kept her word to honor the DFL endorsement and I choose to not support that type of conduct. That is why I will be voting for Jacob Frey for the 3rd Ward Council seat, a person of truth and integrity who will provide us with the leadership we deserve.

Michael Rainville
St. Anthony West resident