Disappointed by Hofstede

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May 6, 2013
By: Joanne Bartkus
Joanne Bartkus

It is understandable that Diane Hofstede would be annoyed when it became clear before the first ballot that she was not going to get the DFL endorsement for City Council at Saturday’s Ward 3 convention.

However, to state that she was withdrawing because the process was “flawed” was merely an outrageous, and obvious, attempt to provide political cover for the fact that she was planning to renege on her promise to abide by the endorsement process. Her statement that older residents and new Americans were disrespected and discouraged by the process was patently ridiculous.

One needed only to look at the sea of enthusiastic, and diverse (including older residents, like myself), Jacob Frey supporters to know that Jacob had succeeded in energizing the DFL base in a way that has not been done in years. Jacob Frey is a civil rights attorney and a community activist. He helped start Isuroon, an organization dedicated to the empowerment and health of Somali women, and he was the first winner of Minneapolis’ Martin Luther King Jr. Award. To imply that his endorsement was anything less than an acknowledgement of support for this enthusiastic, bright, and dedicated individual is an insult to the citizens of the 3rd Ward and to the DFL endorsement process. The only thing flawed here is Ms. Hofstede’s misplaced indignation.

Joanne Bartkus
Downtown East