A voice of support for Frey

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May 6, 2013 // UPDATED 9:04 am - May 7, 2013
By: Becky and Nate Sheldon
Becky and Nate Sheldon

On April 16th my husband and I attended our precinct caucus because we felt compelled to be involved in our local political process.  A diverse array of people joined us in hopes to represent our precinct.  

We were honored to be chosen as volunteer delegates at the 3rd Ward convention on May 4th at De LaSalle High School.  As expected, we began receiving mailings, phone calls, text messages, and home visits from representatives of both candidates.

Historically, we have supported our Minneapolis City Council Representative Diane Hofstede. However, we received an overwhelming unbalanced collection of mailings from the Hofstede campaign.  Two of these were deceivingly produced to look as though they were directly from Governor Dayton and Mayor Rybak.  

In contrast, we received one mailing from Jacob Frey, and we able to follow his progress via social media.

Upon arrival at the convention, we were subjected to a gauntlet of pushy Hofstede supporters shoving expensive campaign literature on us.  When we entered the convention hall for the convention, we were greeted by a sea of red Jacob "FREY is my guy" t-shirts, which greatly outnumbered Hofstede blue shirts.

We had front row seats as our precinct floor seating was located front and center, arm’s distance from the speaker.  As Ms. Hofstede took to the podium to address the convention, my husband and I observed that she was emotionally shaken, her composure was broken, and she appeared to be on the verge of tears.  By the end of her address, I understood why.  She was withdrawing her name for democratic nomination.  Quickly, a gasp filled the convention hall, followed by crowd chatter as delegates realized that this meant that she would be running in the fall opposite of the soon to be DFL nominated candidate.  

Ms. Hofstede cited that the "process was flawed" and that certain residents had been "discouraged and disrespected” prior to the convention.  She seems to acquire this move from Robert Lilligren of Ward 6, where caucuses had actually documented irregularities and problems.

It is my opinion that Ms. Hofstede obviously realized that she could not win the DFL nomination, and responded with a desperate move to extend her campaign.  It is appalling that she is forcing the continuation of her campaign.  Given how much energy, money, volunteer hours, and political divisiveness she will be expending on both sides of this potential election, she is wasting resources that could easily be used for other needs within our neighborhoods. This is especially appalling given that she had pledged to end her campaign if unendorsed.

I am writing to ask Ms. Hofstede to end her exhausted campaign so that the DFL party and 3rd Ward can rally around our endorsed candidate, Jacob Frey.

Becky and Nate Sheldon