SW LRT Updates

To some, light rail tunnel looks more like a berm
Apr 18, 2014

UPDATE: On Friday, several hours after this story was first posted, Metropolitan Council Chair Sue Haigh released a statement indicating the planning documents Southwest light rail staff sent to Minneapolis included the wrong design for tunnels.

Met Council vote gives Southwest LRT the OK
Apr 09, 2014

The Metropolitan Council’s plans for Southwest Light Rail Transit are in the hands of Minneapolis leaders who must now decide whether or not to grant the project the city’s approval, known as municipal consent.

Community leaders endorse shallow tunnels for light rail
Apr 02, 2014

A plan for Southwest Light Rail Transit that includes two shallow tunnels through Minneapolis’ Kenilworth Corridor won approval from a panel of local elected officials and agency representatives Wednesday.

Southwest LRT opening pushed back
Mar 26, 2014

It now appears a Southwest light rail transit line will begin operations in 2019 at the earliest, a year later than the 2018 opening date long projected by planners.

New tunnel option for light rail
Mar 12, 2014

As the stalemate in the Southwest Light Rail Transit debate drags on toward decision day, project planners have surfaced a twist on the tunnels proposed for the Kenilworth Corridor.

Council committee rejects co-location of Southwest LRT
Mar 05, 2014

The Minneapolis City Council Committee of the Whole on Wednesday approved a resolution rejecting any plan to co-locate freight rail and a future Southwest Light Rail Transit line in the Kenilworth Corridor.

Getting up to speed on Southwest light rail
Dec 31, 2013

A timeout on Southwest Light Rail Transit planning is set to expire not long after a Minneapolis City Council remade by the November election convenes for the first time.

Vote on Southwest light rail postponed
Oct 15, 2013

{This story was updated Tuesday afternoon; see below.}

A key vote on Southwest Light Rail Transit will be delayed, Gov. Mark Dayton announced Tuesday after a meeting with local officials.

LRT tunnel plan heading for vote
Oct 09, 2013

Over the objections of Minneapolis, the Metropolitan Council is set to vote later this month on a plan to run a future Southwest Light Rail Transit line through a pair of shallow tunnels in the city’s Kenilworth Corridor.

Mayoral candidates weigh in on Southwest LRT, MPD issues and more
Aug 26, 2013

The candidates for Minneapolis mayor discussed what to do about the increasingly contentious Southwest LRT line, among other topics, at a debate hosted by former MPR radio host Gary Eichten at the State Fair earlier today.