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May 21, 2002

News Living in-between

May 14, 2002

News Bizz Buzz
News The skyways turn 40
News On second thought: Block E theaters will have state-of-the-art technology for people with disabilities
News The color of money
News Council rep owly over potential Block E Hooters
News <B>Mark your calender</B>
News Lunchtime Tourist: The Bandbox Diner
News Karaoke and cocky
News Cheap thrills

May 07, 2002

News Free skin cancer screenings
News Israeli war protester to speak
News Combating toxic childhoods
News County bike trail map available
News Full employment
News Downtown polluted site public hearing
News A new eatery for the Snoodles site
News Grocery near Downtown will close
News Countdown to the Mary Richards statue hype
News Standing too tall? Developers say neighbors were told about condo building height
News Learn about Downtown living
News Quest for safety
News Jazzing up the workplace
News Downtown trolley tours resume
News Women Who Cook! sing to benefit pregnancy prevention
News Downtown manhole covers
News New coffeeshop opens south of Downtown

Apr 30, 2002

News Green space or green zits?
News The farmers return to Downtown
News Restaurant wars: Too many national chains Downtown?
News At Home With Strangers
News Picked to Click
News City Hall concert celebrates American Indian Month
News Traffic Zone: Open House for Open Eyes
News Pillsbury &quot;A&quot; Mill

Apr 23, 2002

News GMCVA bags Lions, boosts bookings
News Downtown blocks do ward switcheroo
News A Downtown mentoring program helps young women teach young girls to overcome their surroundings
News I once was Ms. Skyway
News New Warehouse District condo project announced
News Kooky theater, with a cast of 13
News Spring has sprung, and so has squirrelliness
News East Downtown Council annual luncheon Thursday
News The Father and Child solution
News &quot;Blast!&quot; collects instruments for local schools at free event
News <B>Picked to Click</B>
News Olive Garden franchise to open in La Cucaracha space
News Brasserie Zinc offers dinner and a movie

Apr 16, 2002

News Ann Bancroft awards honor Downtown mentoring group
News When you dial 911, he picks up the phone
News TV-toters pitch Amex Montreal.
News Bohemian bye-bye?
News DMNA board urges multiple councilmembers Downtown
News Clean it yourself
News Public library backers offer free courses with professors
News The musician who invited me over for tea and singing
News Olympic Restaurant adds Loring Park location
News Downtown growth plans discussed Thursday in those sections of Downtown.
News Passport coffee opens in Northstar Building
News Remembering Nellie
News Top Cuban diplomat speaks on Friday
News Downtown theater company raises eating-disorder awareness
News <B>Urban wildlife spreads to New French space</B>

Apr 09, 2002

News Bicyclists allege police used excessive force to break up Downtown group ride
News Check-out time
News Saturday: Kate Rusby
News <B>A bar that serves &quot;Sex&quot; on Sundays and movies on Mondays</B>

Apr 02, 2002

News A school no one graduates from-and that's ok
News One ward for Downtown?
News Fearing the Rainbow
News Why we should tear down the Guthrie

Mar 26, 2002

News 5th Street: that detour is permanent
News Redistricting pushes two legislators out of Downtown
News &quot;League of Nations&quot;
News &quot;contact&quot;

Mar 19, 2002

News Would you pay $66 a year for a new Twins stadium built in your neighborhood?
News 15 screens and nothing on
News Not just eye candy: Downtown video entrepreneurs lure customers through their stomachs
News Would you pay $66 a year for a new Twins stadium built in your neighborhood?
News Not just eye candy: Downtown video entrepreneurs lure customers through their stomachs

Mar 12, 2002

News Loading-zone legislation could hamper
News Goodfellow's pre-theater dinner: filling up with artistry before the play even begins

Mar 05, 2002

News Rescuing restaurant dreams from the rubble:
News The Great Downtown Litter Controversy :
News Are we having fun yet? Despite budget tussles and with $20 million in cuts looming, new mayor R.T. Rybak remains cheery in a city where everybody suddenly knows his name
News Home and Garden Show will open Wednesday
News Downtown: where luxury is cheaper than it seems:

Feb 26, 2002

News The new Downtown Guthrie design: echoes of the mills, or Legoland revisited?
News Behind the scenes
News the Marcus Johnson Files, The Gifted Grifter
News The lunchtime tourist
News A park by the new library?
News Downtown Mineapolis Neighborhood Association elects new officers

Feb 19, 2002

News A ballpark by the burner:
News The Good Old Days (when Minneapolis ruled the Capitol)

Feb 12, 2002

News As PSP prepares to leave the old neighborhood, the Drake Hotel reopens
News Downtown movie moguls? Christian values, Hollywood production values
News Homeless group and their future neighbors agree:
News Downtown movie moguls?
News Homeless group and their future neighbors agree: Yes, in my backyard