Butcher & The Boar tweaking patio

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September 24, 2012 // UPDATED 8:57 pm - January 1, 2013
By: Jeremy Zoss
Jeremy Zoss

HENNEPIN — Next time you visit Butcher & The Boar’s patio, you may notice something different. The restaurant has added a partial roof to the patio to shield patrons from rain. According to manager Andrea Karsjens, the roof is the first step in a plan to maximize use of the patio during bad weather.

“We’re in the planning stages for figuring out how to have a year-round beer garden,” said Karsjens. “Nothing’s locked in except for that roof.”

The roof structure will cover the bar area of the beer garden with a glass-like material that will allow light through while blocking rain. At minimum, the new roof will cover the bar’s ten stools, but Karsjens said tables could be moved under the roof if there is enough demand.

“But I really don’t know what the demand is to sit outside when it rains,” said Karsjens.