Karaoke and cocky

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May 14, 2002 // UPDATED 1:20 pm - April 30, 2007
By: Deanna Frojen
Deanna Frojen

The club: The Fine Line. 318 1st Ave. N., 338-8100, www.fineline.com.

The concept: A music caf, with the emphasis on music.

Scenery: It's dark and generic. There's a bar on one side, a brick wall on the other and a stage at the end. Then there's a smaller area upstairs that overlooks the main level, with another bar.

The crowd: Very casual, younger crowd. Everyone was in jeans and probably no one there was over 35.

Entertainment: The best part of the entire evening was karaoke with a real band. 2 Tickets 2 Paradise plays while people have a chance to get on stage and pretend to be rock stars. The evening is called "I'm With the Band" and it's Tuesday nights, but be warned: this isn't the kind of karaoke to do after a few beers with friends dragging you to the front. The people that got up on stage could sing. There's a variety of other local and national acts that play at the Fine Line.

Consumables: Tuesdays there's a free taco bar with all the fixings and everything was great. My Tanqueray/ tonic ($4.75) tasted funny and I don't know if it was because it was served in a plastic glass or it was served with a bad lime. So I switched to Miller Lite bottles ($3.50) for the rest of the evening. My friend's beer, New Castle, was served in a glass and jumped in price from the first one, ordered at 8 p.m. costing $3.25, to $5.25, then finally to $5.75. The bartender couldn't find a wine list and after searching told me they serve their good wines by bottle only. I gave up and ordered the beer.

Servers and attitude: The bartenders were cocky, which was o.k. because they served drinks quickly.

Logistics: I paid a $4 cover charge, but that varies with the acts. The Fine Line is next to a parking lot which will cost $5-$15 depending on the day and what other events are Downtown that evening. Bring cash because there's a 10 percent service charge if you use a credit card at the Fine Line.

The verdict: Between the plastic glass my drink was served in and the arrogant bartenders, I felt more like I was at a frat party than at a Downtown club. The entertainment that evening compensated for the shortcomings, though, and some of the upcoming performers are enough to get me back.