Downtown Mineapolis Neighborhood Association elects new officers

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February 26, 2002 // UPDATED 1:14 pm - April 30, 2007
By: Ellen Nigon
Ellen Nigon

At the Feb. 12 meeting of the Downtown Minneapolis Neighborhood Association, the board elected four of its members to the one-year offices of Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Secretary.

Mark Moller became the DMNA Chair. In giving his nomination speech, Moller said, "When I asked myself why I wanted to be chair, I realized I have no agenda. The only agenda I have is to make this organization work better."

The Vice Chair position went to Tom Hoch of the Historic Theatre Group, which manages the State and Orpheum (and soon the Mann/Pantages) theaters on Hennepin Avenue. Hoch is leading the effort to revitalize the streetscape between 5th and 10th Streets on Hennepin, which DMNA has supported financially. Hoch was originally nominated as Chair, but convinced the majority of the board that Moller would be better suited to that position.

Gerry Spry became Treasurer and Carletta Sweet took the Secretary position.