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October 27, 2003 // UPDATED 11:06 am - April 30, 2007
By: Sarah McKenzie
Sarah McKenzie

Q& A with Brian Berberich

Sporting a Spam hat, Brian Berberich, owner of the Theatrical Costume Company, 722 Portland Ave., took a minute recently to chat with Skyway News about his business. A whirlwind of activity descends on his store in the weeks leading up to Halloween, as partygoers look for fanciful and crazy digs to set them apart from the crowd.

Berberich said he's drawing more customers this year in light of the closing of Teener's, which served as Downtown's Halloween headquarters for 51 years before closing its doors last fall. The store is now located in Northeast Minneapolis. Berberich has an eye for matching customers with an appropriate costume. He suggested Skyway News photographer Rich Ryan sport a kilt and recommended a Vegas showgirl costume for Skyway News reporter Sarah McKenzie.

What costumes are popular this year? The standard Dracula and witch. Some people are going as a whoopie cushion, SpongeBob, a hot dog. One of the more unusual costume requests we've received is a Chia Pet. (The costume shop tailor made the outfit. It features reddish-color clay and artificial turf for the top of the man's head)

What do you wear for Halloween? I don't dress up for Halloween. Since I've been running the business, I get too drained this time of the year. If I were to go out, I'd be a pirate.

What makes a good Halloween costume? There's an element of humor -- something funny. Sometimes it's a twist on something traditional, or it's topical or political. ... One guy came in recently who plans to go as both the King and Queen of Hearts.