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September 22, 2003 // UPDATED 11:04 am - April 30, 2007
By: sue rich
sue rich

An interview with Finnish maestro Osmo Vanska (oh-smoh vans-ka), the newest music director of the Minnesota Orchestra, 1100 Nicollet Mall.

Patrons who purchase two tickets to any November show will receive a bobble arm doll (the conducting arm bobs instead of the head) in your likeness. Do you have a little Osmo in your office or car?

Well, there is one in [my] office. It's still a new thing for me. . . . I'm trying to think about that it is me. It's very funny, I like the idea very much.

Perhaps this is part of the plan to attract the so-called MTV generation, lagging in classical concert attendance. How do you plan to attract these 20-40-year-olds?

[This is] a good question in many countries, orchestras and theaters. Competing for people's free time is very, very hard. Lots of people have great equipment at home -- DVDs and stereos, etc. We need to give something [that is a] real one, just to put people to move out from their homes ... If things are going very well, if the program is good, if the orchestra is

playing really well, then the experience inside the concert hall can be very strong -- the real one. I have experienced many people who come to our concert, and they really feel that something happened to them during the concert. If something happens, something that really makes some

difference in your life, then you want to come again.

How was the first gala concert, your first with the Orchestra in Orchestra Hall, earlier this month?

It was great from both sides, from the stage and people in the audience. That would be some kind of experience, like what I told you. If we can give those kinds of things and feeling in the concert, then people have lots of good reasons to come back.