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September 15, 2003 // UPDATED 11:04 am - April 30, 2007
By: Anna Pratt
Anna Pratt

The Central Standard

Film Festival

Paging through the Central Standard

Film Festival catalogue, I was

overwhelmed by the number

of film synopses that drew me

in - there are plenty of wants

(\"Want\"), wayward girls (\"Wayward

Girls: a Story of Survival\"),

memories (\"White of

Winter\") and Americana

(\"Kwik stop,\" \"Prom Night in

Kansas City,\" \"This is

Nowhere\" - hear the sound of

American suburban life?).

My own nostalgia lures me

to \"Easy Listening,\" set in

1967, about Burt and Linda

who play together in an easygoing orchestra.

These good kids lead quiet, drowsy lives in a

middle-American town but yearn for their

era\'s jazzy beatnik cool; (Burt tries out sleek

black turtlenecks and Linda has a taste for pot


Or how about \"Jesus Freak,\" - a bad

girl\'s tale of coming to Jesus (literally).

\"White of Winter\" is sheer cinematic poetry.

It takes the viewer on a road trip through the

psychological and physical winter of Montana.

Leading lady Rachel searches for a lost childhood

photograph in this bittersweet and

haunting tale.

The film festival isn\'t limited to flicks,

though, there\'s also plenty of photos to see

(like the tribute to the late Gus Gustafson, the

beloved Warehouse District photographer) in

the lobby of the St. Anthony Main complex (at

212 SE 2nd St., Suite 129, by Vic\'s Restaurant).

There are also opening and closing night parties

at the Depot Hotel, 225 3rd Ave. S., and

The Lounge, 411 2nd Ave. N.

Tip: Catch Downtown on film in Charles

Bowe\'s locally-produced \"New

World Symphony\" featuring

local thespians Carolyn Hauck

(Bill\'s Gun Shop) and Ron

Menzel (Eye of the Storm, Jungle

Theater) in the lead roles.

Not to mention, local rockers

Work of Saws provide the

riotous background music.

The national film festival airs in

local theaters, including the

St. Anthony Main Theater,

115 SE Main St., Wednesday

through Sunday, Sept. 17-21.

All-access pass $35, festival

four-pack $20. For further information, visit

For information on films playing at St. Anthony Main

Theater call 331-4723.

_ \"New World Symphony\":

Tuesday, Sept. 16, 7:30 p.m.

Oak Street Cinema, 309 SE Oak St.

(near the University of Minnesota)

\'Making Porn\'

\"Making Porn\" contains nudity and strong

language (read the fine print in the playbill). It

probably isn\'t a \"to-do\" for the whole family.

(\"Hey, Mom, can we go see \'Making Porn\'

together?\" \"What\'s it rated, man?\") Despite

the racy sound of it, \"Making Porn\" isn\'t one of

those shocking documentaries on The Learning

Channel. It\'s a play (does that make you

feel better?). I know, I know, will the business

stop at nothing, swallowing up everything in

its path, magazines, videos, the Internet -

now, even the stage?!

Porn isn\'t a topic I like to contemplate. I\'ve

definitely never considered its literary possibilities.

But that\'s actually where the theater

steps in. The idea of mouthy actors baring

themselves onstage (or off-) isn\'t so unusual.

Luckily, comic relief rescues the touchy-feely

subject from becoming too personal.

\"Making Porn\" cannibalizes the X-hibition

industry - it\'s a performance about performance

about performance. Actual gay porn

star \"Caesar\" plays a gay porn star. We learn

about the pros and cons of gay porn star life

(whether we wanted to or not), but despite the

premise of the show, making porn, it strips

away the fantasy. It dresses the undressed.

Still, it\'s very revealing: We learn about the

funny lives of six porn stars, not just their controversial

day/night jobs. They\'re not making

porn - they\'re making the audience laugh.

That\'s really the ecstasy of it.

This unabashed look at lives in the sweaty

basement business is worth your scrutiny (and


_ Mixed Blood Theatre

1501 S. 4th St.

$25-$30. 338-6131 or 866-468-3399.

\'Josh & Sandi\'

Shot in Minneapolis

What are you doing this Saturday night? Are

you going to meet Josh and Sandi at

Grumpy\'s Bar and Grill, like usual? I\'m sure

you must know \"Josh & Sandi.\" They live in

Minneapolis. When they can\'t pay their rent,

they get creative. They hold telethons. They

host \"Facts of Life\" theme parties (we can\'t forget

the old sitcom, \"The Facts of Life.\" Neither

can they). Josh and Sandi also play Twister, get

interrupted by Jews for Jesus and return home

completely different people

after worldly travels. See, I

knew you\'d recognize them.

The \"Josh & Sandi\" show is a

locally produced cable sitcom

about people you know - you

like their quirky musings, and

their ridiculous mishaps remind

you of your own. Not to

mention, they go to the same

places you do, all the way to


_Saturdays, 10 p.m.

Grumpy\'s Bar and Grill

1111 Washington Ave. S. Free.

Anna Pratt can be reached at