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September 15, 2003 // UPDATED 11:04 am - April 30, 2007
By: eader writes: "At 5th Avenue by West River
eader writes: "At 5th Avenue by West River

Parkway is a crosswalk. There are curb cuts on

both sides of the parkway, but there is no marking

or signage - making it, according to state law, not

a \'real\' crosswalk. Given the curvature of parkway

and the speed at which vehicles come careening

down Portland Avenue, it would be nice for pedestrians

to have \'safe\' place to cross West River

Parkway by marking the pavement and installing

crosswalk signs.\"

Mike Schmidt, assistant superintendent for

operations for the Minneapolis Park and Recreation

Board said there are no plans for any additional

crosswalks or stop signs at the location.

\"Just because you have curb marks doesn\'t

mean you\'re going to have a crosswalk or signs,\"

Schmidt said.

A crosswalk request has not come to the Park

Board. \"I can\'t deal with a request that has not

come to the Park Board,\" Schmidt said.

- Matt Modrich