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August 11, 2003 // UPDATED 11:01 am - April 30, 2007
By: Bob Schlick, Downtown East
Bob Schlick, Downtown East

Another side of tall towers

In response to C. Currie's letter "The other side of tall towers" (Skyway News, Aug. 4-10): I am disappointed that people would complain about a project [the 39-story Bridge Square] that could potentially bring 500 new residents to our Downtown. Cities across the nation are jealous of our vibrant Downtown and the growth we are experiencing.

When I bought my condo two years ago, I knew going into it that I would someday lose some of my view. I am slowly losing it due to Grant Park homes, but I am not complaining. Grant Park is going to be a beautiful building, and I believe will actually help increase my property value.

I have seen drawings for Bridge Place, and it is a wonderful looking building, a building I am jealous that I will not be able to see from my condo.

So before people start complaining about their views being lost, remember that we live in a growing and changing city, and no one's view is permanent.