What's Broken Downtown

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June 23, 2003 // UPDATED 10:51 am - April 30, 2007
By: ppetizing dip
ppetizing dip

On the northeast corner of Hennepin and Washington avenues, a sagging and cracked utility cover on the sidewalk drops an inch or two when walkers step on it. Underneath the crack there's signs of water damage. Downtown resident Paul Barber thinks that even if the pliable cover doesn't break through, it's a hazard.

Status: Sara Dietrich of the city's communications department said this is a cover to a splice chamber that contains cable for coordinating traffic signals. The cover may have been damaged when a vehicle drove over it. The city only has about 15 of these chambers, so a replacement cover is not readily available. According to Dietrich, a new piece was ordered more than a week before Skyway News contacted her. It could take up to five weeks for a new cover to arrive and replace the old one. Until then, a barricade has been placed over the cover.