Doing my job

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December 5, 2005 // UPDATED 1:59 pm - April 26, 2007
By: Sarah McKenzie
Sarah McKenzie

Brent Weller

Maintenance worker

Allied Parking, Inc.

When the pavement gets slick or buried in ice and white stuff, Brent Weller hits Downtown’s sidewalks and streets, armed with salt.

On the slipperiest of winter days, he sprinkles sidewalks and parking lots for Allied Parking, Inc., ensuring that passersby can count on some traction.

On a recent snowy morning, Weller waited patiently with his salter at the corner of Hennepin Avenue and 10th Street near the First Baptist Church, 1021 Hennepin Ave., as his cousin, who happens to be his boss, plowed the sidewalk next to him.

His cousin was too busy to talk to a reporter and photographer, but Weller agreed to take a minute to share some thoughts on his job.

He stood on the corner, puffing on a cigarette and wrapped in about six layers of clothes.

The duo planned on salting 10 parking lots and three ramps that day.

While some might resent spending their winter days on the cold streets, Weller said his job suits him. Plus, he gets to work with his cousin.

His work schedule varies from day to day and depends on the conditions.

On the harsh winter days, he takes an occasional break to sit in his truck to stay warm, wears extra layers and “keeps moving,” he said.

Besides winter detail, Weller spends his days cleaning and fixing odds-and-ends at the ramps and in the parking booths.

He sweeps, scrubs and power washes away the messes left behind by cars.

The best part of his job is the variety of tasks, he said.

“I can do everything, and I’m capable of doing everything,” he said. “It’s perfect. The work is just wonderful.”

Weller had no complaints when asked what the worst thing about his job.

“There really isn’t anything. … I do whatever [my cousin] wants me to do. But I love the way he asks me to do something. He’ll say, ‘Will you do me a favor?’”

He then chuckled and looked over at his cousin who was making laps with a small plow along the sidewalk, leaving a large wake of snow behind him.