The 20-somethings in the 3,300-square-foot loft

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November 14, 2005 // UPDATED 1:59 pm - April 26, 2007
By: Sarah McKenzie
Sarah McKenzie

The Bogestad sisters set a benchmark for urban style

Three 20-something siblings have settled into a new, breathtaking 3,300-square-foot loft in the North Loop’s new Tower Lofts at 700 Washington Ave. N.

The towering former warehouse, built in 1920 for the Northern Bag Co., has been outfitted with more than 140 loft-style condominiums — but the Bogestads’ unique loft has generated a buzz among other residents.

The sisters, Krista, 23; Anna, 25; and Sara, 28; purchased two large units on the building’s sixth floor before construction started, then had the builder, Kraus Anderson, combine the condos to create one spectacular space facing Downtown’s skyline.

The stylish sisters, who share the posh pad with a pug dog fittingly named Gucci, are frequent entertainers. While they enjoy having friends and family over to their dramatic new space, they also spend a lot of time studying.

Krista studies interior design at the University of Minnesota, while Anna is pursuing her doctorate in clinical psychology and Sara is completing postdoctorate work to become a clinical psychologist.

The Bogestads have become enthusiastic urbanites and frequent patrons at nearby hotspots, such as Mell’s Beauty Bar, Cuzzy’s, the Monte Carlo and Block E’s Bellanotte. Their upbringing is far from urban, however. They grew up in a small town in northwestern Minnesota: Karlstad, population 791.

They grew up on a potato farm, and the family business has proven very successful. The sisters’ parents purchased the industrial chic loft for the girls and expect that their younger twin siblings, Austin and Ashley, will also live in the condo in coming years.

While the girls are far from home, Downtown suits their lifestyles.

“The North Loop neighborhood is in a neat stage right now,” Sara said. “Being one of the early dwellers allows us to have an impact on its identity. It will be interesting to see what the area becomes in a few years.”

Before moving to the Tower Lofts, the Bogestads lived at the Calhoun Beach Club in Uptown. While they enjoyed all the amenities there, they prefer their new home and the high-energy Downtown lifestyle.

They are also closer to sporting venues. The sisters hold season tickets for the Vikings and the Timberwolves.

Complementary styles

The sisters share a sense of style in many ways. They have a fondness for fashion, bold colors, large cars (Krista and Anna drive Hummers and Sara has a Cadillac Escalade) and Harleys.

They also shared a vision for their loft, which is the product of a combination one- and two-bedroom loft.

“This enabled us to have the three bedrooms and three bathrooms, which is a rarity in loft living. We were also able to tailor the space to our particular needs,” Anna said. “We absolutely love living in this loft. The 13-foot ceilings, large arched windows and open floor plan provide a feeling of spaciousness.”

Notable features include one large laundry room with two washer/dryer units, floor-to-ceiling California closet systems in each bedroom and a raised platform in the corner, facing the Downtown skyline.

The platform has a 100-year-old, 14-foot-long bar from the Pfiser Hotel in Milwaukee, and an equally old pool table from Saloon #10 in Deadwood, S.D., the city where the sisters’ mother was born.

The older elements are complimented by bold artwork and colors throughout the space: pink, green, gold and other high-impact hues. The Bogestads relied on Marshall Field’s interior designers to provide guidance on other accessories in the space.

“Blending the old and the new occurs throughout the space but is subtle and a comfortable transition and one that suites the overall feel,” Krista said.

The living room has several palm trees, giving the concrete space an organic feel.

“We definitely have similar tastes, yet we wanted to go with different themes to add diversity throughout the space,” Krista said. “While our tastes are similar, you can definitely get a sense of our personalities based on the colors and textures we chose.”

Krista chose an Asian theme for her room. The bed has an elaborate canopy with sheer curtains. The color scheme is off-white, cream and gold.

Anna has a jungle theme with rich green and brown walls.

Sara’s room has an African feel with merlot and gold colors.

Her bathroom shower has green pebbles for flooring and gray slate rock for walls. She compares it to showering in a cave.

“I would describe the style as luxurious, regal and a bit exotic,” she said.

The description is apt for the entire space. While the sisters are waiting for a few finishing touches, such as shelving for an office area and furniture for the living room, the loft already leaves a lasting impression.

Sarah McKenzie is a freelance writer who lives at the Tower Lofts and works at Kamper Brands, a Downtown-based design and branding firm that specializes in urban real estate.